Bonus engine improvements in update 4.3.0

Dear railway fans,

Update 4.3.0 will bring various bonus engine improvements to the game worlds. We want to make sure that early bonus engines in particular can also be used in many different scenarios later on in the game. Here’s a summary of the most important changes.

New lottery prizes

Bonus engines from past eras can now be won as an additional prize from lottery tickets. However, the old bonus engines are only unlocked if a player has already won the bonus engine of the current era.

New surprise bonuses

Similar to the lottery tickets, earlier bonus engines may now also be won as a surprise bonus on the last day of the login bonus. Here, too, the old bonus engines only become available as prizes if a player already owns the current bonus engine.

Cheaper price for past bonus engines

As bonus engines can also be purchased, we thought about how these engines can be made more affordable. The price of bonus engines is now reduced by 250 Gold for each successive era in the past.

Coupling adjustment

Couplings at the end of the research tree now work cumulatively. This means these engines can now be used beyond two eras. The change applies to all engines, but it will be particularly useful for bonus engines from earlier eras. For example, a Red Kite from the first era can now haul goods of the fourth era if the couplings of eras one, two and three have been researched.

We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!
The Rail Nation Team