Claim your ticket for the new round now!

Dear players,

In Update 4.4.0, we focus on the support of a core element of Rail Nation. We want to strengthen the community spirit and cohesion of associations – including beyond the current game round.

Until now, associations would fall apart at the end of a game round and would have to be regrouped after the server restarts. This required extensive communication and a couple of days would easily pass before the seasoned group came together again. With the new pre-registration feature, we want to make organising associations easier!

How does pre-registration work?

Pre-registration is unlocked during the endgame. From that moment, you and your association can sign up for the next round of the server. So, you see who’ll be onboard straight away.

Pre-registration not only reserves you a spot in your association, it also allows you to already select a home city. You don’t need to start in the same city as the other association members. But doing so makes sense, as this would save you from having to coordinate ‘wings’ (temporary associations) in the new round. You also avoid the overcrowding of cities and no longer have to wait until late arrivals have built their tracks to reach you.

What’s the maximum size a pre-registered association can have?

The size of the association depends on the number of players who have pre-registered. For example, if 15 players pre-register, you save part of the headquarters upgrades and begin the game with 15 members.

How long is my spot in the association reserved for?

You’ll have to log into the new game world within the first three days to automatically join the association. After that time, the slots will be released again.

So, make sure to advertise your association and start looking for new players for the next round!

Full steam ahead!