Become a leader in Rail Nation!

Mayor of your town

You can now become mayor

Does everything revolve around the city for you? City goods, majorities in industries and a clear lead in the endgame: everything works better in the city when everyone pulls together. In Steam over Europe you can now ensure your city runs like clockwork and races to the top of the ranking. YOU can lead the way as mayor!

But watch out! Anyone who acts like a bullying tyrant will soon be voted out.

How you can become mayor

Any player is able to run for office in their home city. Are you from a different region? No problem – simply connect the city, switch your home city to the new city and run for office. It’s as easy as switching to the mayor tab and clicking candidacy under vote mayor. Votes are also submitted in the mayor tab. Your vote will stay with your favourite candidate until you change your mind.

A clever slogan and of course a good reputation in the city are essential for your success. It’s then simply a matter of waiting until the day’s votes are counted, shaking some important hands and getting to work!


A dummy’s guide to being mayor

As mayor, you have a number of ways to influence the tactics and strategies in the city.

Support city good

You can reduce the consumption of a selected city good by ten percent. It makes most sense to do this for the new city good for which the industries have not yet been levelled up. Or if you need a good as a direct city good or as a raw material for yet another city good.

Select next city good

It’s a real stumbling block when a city requests the same good yet again after levelling up. Avoid that by selecting the next city good before the city levels up. If you know the map well, you can also begin to plan the most efficient tracks and deliveries.

Preferred competition good

Home turf for your association’s city good or a reward for the loyal souls who have been carting off the same unprofitable good to the city for three levels already? The preferred competition good enables you to offer an additional incentive for pushing a good or doing another player a favour.

But watch out! Preferred only means that the probability is increased. You can’t deliver your good of choice in every competition.

Choose twin cities

Twin cities are a great way of saving money. If your twin city agrees to the partnership, all players belonging to these cities will be able to connect to the twin city without any additional costs. Cultural exchange is also promoted in a sense, as the passenger premiums between the cities are increased by 20%.

Appoint councillors

No mayor is able to carry out their duties 24 hours a day. So get some support! You can appoint up to five fellow players as council members. They will then be able to do the same things you can do as mayor, except for appointing new council members of course.

Start your election campaign!

You are now prepared to enter office. What are you waiting for? Head over to Europe, experience Steam over Europe and rise to power!