Free for everyone: Talgo Series 1

Dear railroaders,

Today, we present you with the last free production skin for the passenger trains in this series, the Artemis. As you can see, you’ll receive the Talgo Series 1.

It all began in 1944 when the American Car and Foundry (ACF) expanded on the Talgo concept in a joint effort to create the prototype engines for the Spanish National Railway. All Talgo engines were designed to create unique travel experiences.

The Talgo series was one of the first of the post-war, extremely lightweight streamliners. It set a standard for all other manufacturers as the race for new development began in the 1950s. The radical design concepts of the Talgo gave hope to the American railroads that wanted to reverse the diminishing number of passengers.

The Talgo engine has undergone considerable development. In 1944, it reached a max speed of 135 km/h; nowadays the Talgo 350 easily reaches 350 km h and is currently used in Europe.

The Talgo Series 1 is available in Rail Nation from 25th February 2019 as a free series for the Artemis.

Full steam ahead,


Your Rail Nation Team

18 thoughts on “Free for everyone: Talgo Series 1

  1. Hallo Jutta Oelmaier,
    die Baureihe sollte jedem sofort kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen. Wenn sie bei dir immer noch nicht frei geschaltet ist, schreibe bitte den Support an. Beachte aber, die Baureihe verändert nur das Aussehen der Lok, den Zug musst du weiterhin kaufen.

  2. Hallo Günter Schlösser,
    es handelt sich nicht um einen extra Zug sondern um eine Baureihe, die das Aussehen deines Zuges verändern kann. Baureihen kannst du im Lokkauffenster aktivieren (scrolle eventuell etwas nach unten). Bei der Talgo-Baureihe handelt es sich um einen kostenlosen Skin für die Passagierzüge der Artemis.

  3. Hallo teddy73,
    hierbei handelt es sich um eine Baureihe. Das bedeutet, sie verändert nur das Aussehen deines Zuges. Wenn du im Lokkauffenster bei der Artemis schaust, kannst du dort die Baureihe sehen (scrolle eventuell etwas nach unten). Sie wurde bereits kostenlos für dich frei geschaltet.

  4. Oi orlando,

    Se tiver a oportunidade, entre no aplicativo móvel e aceite a série por lá. Quando voltar ao navegador já não terá esse problema. Se não puder entrar pelo app, então por favor entre em contato com o suporte do jogo e receberá mais assistência.

    Customer Service Representative

  5. correction. the Talgo I was a spanish concept train in 1944. The spanish company that makes them is Talgo
    Talgo II was ACF in 1950. a design stolen from the spanish Talgo company.

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