Even more new engines in era 3

Here’s the second batch of overhauled engines from the 3rd era. Once again, we have brought old acquaintances and some new ones out of the engine house.

Herakles – V 100

Our trip starts with Herakles. You already know this porduction series, but we’ve spruced it up a bit. The V 100 was designed in the late 1950s to replace steam engines on unelectrified lines. Luckily, with us you can operate different engines on the same route.

Prometheus – V 200

You also know the V 200 series, at least since playing our game if not before. You may remember its iconic design. The V 200 is considered an express engine for major routes and epitomises the express journey between Germany and Denmark.

Osiris – DSB MZ

In contrast, this Dane is a newcomer. The DSB MZ was a diesel engine built by NOHAB for the Danish State Railways. It was retired in 2000, but we still run it as the Osiris. Not only in Denmark, of course.

Morpheus – NOHAB AA16

This is a European version of the EMD F series. This is evidenced among other things by its hallmark nose, which slopes even more sharply than those of its American or Australian counterparts.
This rounds off the collection from the 3rd era. If you want to view all the models again or see more from the Rail Nation graphics department, visit us on Pinterest. There’s always something new to explore.

We wish you lots of fun and have a good trip!