Now this is where you come in!

Dear players,

Now this is where you come in! We’d like you to tell us which game content in Rail Nation you are sorely missing or what features you have always wished  to have in the game. This won’t just be another simple survey!

We’ll evaluate the ideas proposed in all languages and then pick five suggestions that all Rail Nation players can then vote for. The most popular feature will then go into development right after the end of the poll. The necessary work involved will ultimately determine when the feature can be expected.

How can I submit my idea?

Write your post here until 22.04.2018, using the template described below and tell us what feature you’d like to see. Please also provide us with a draft ‘design’ of the feature. This doesn’t mean you need to describe the feature with detailed formulas, but please give us some details. You can take the following example as a guide:

Title: A worker offering a discount on buying waggons.

Scenario: All

– Worker providing a 25% discount when buying waggons
– Useful especially in the later eras and just before the endgame
– Name suggestion: Paul Camille von Denis (leading railway engineer in the 18th century)

Image (optional): Drafts or similar can be attached here.

Please stick to this template with 3-4 bullet points. When we evaluate all the ideas later, we will only consider those matching this template structure.


Is there anything else to bear in mind?

We encourage you to propose well thought-out ideas that really get you excited. For this reason, we will limit the survey to one idea per player.

Every suggestion will be passed on to our game designers and evaluated. We reserve the option to edit or combine ideas. So even if your idea doesn’t make it to the final poll, your work will not have been in vain.

We know some of you would prefer us to focus on fixing bugs instead. We want to assure you that while developing new features for the game, we don’t ignore existing in-game bugs. Rail Nation thrives off the continuous development of the game and we’d like to get you involved and let you have your say in the development process with this event! We’d be really happy to get in touch with the player who proposes the winning idea for a possible concept phase.

We’re looking forward to lots of creative ideas!
The Rail Nation Team