The new Lobby is here!

Dear players,

we already received quite a lot of feedback about the new Lobby. If you haven’t shared your opinion, we invite you to do so in the discussion threads on the forum. We would be very happy to hear your thoughts!

Also don’t forget to redeem your voucher code “LOBBY-RELAUNCH-NOW” in the Shop on any gameworl

Test the new Lobby now!

Today we want to give you a little sneak peak on something we’ve been working on for quite a while now: The newly designed Lobby.

The current Lobby didn’t really age well and has been a nuisance for quite a while now. Especially new players are overwhelmed by a lot of buttons and intricate menus, news are difficult to display properly and rarely used functions occupy too much space while others get lost in the clutter.

That is why we gave the Lobby a new design and reworked it fundamentally! It will provide you a clear and modern overview and allow you to navigate efficiently to all kinds of game worlds and events.  See for yourself:

If you want to have a look at the new Lobby already, you can do so on our test server, the Public Test Real (PTR). In general, new testers are always welcome to provide us with additional constructive feedback. You can register on the PTR HERE. Please make sure to read the special rules before you do and always remember that testing is the main purpose of the PTR!

We are looking forward to the new design and hope you do too!

Your Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation – Origin Journey

Pack your bags and join us on a journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from the North Sea to the Alps.
We’re delighted to introduce you to our new map, Rail Nation – Origin Journey!

This new map is fundamentally different from all three of our scenarios, as Rail Nation – Origin Journey will only be available for a limited time only and exclusively as an event scenario! Multiple regional and international servers will start in May and run their course through to the grand finale. Be part of it!

But what exactly is Rail Nation – Origin Journey?

Our new map sends you on a journey across the German-speaking part of Europe. The map relates to the origins of Rail Nation in two different ways. Firstly, it’s the home of the development studio where Rail Nation’s story began. And secondly, with respect to the game mechanics, it goes back to the roots that are the Classic scenario, which in all our surveys has always been your absolute favourite. Rail Nation – Origin Journey contains all the familiar features of the Classic scenario. Research engines, expand your railway network and help your city grow into a megacity.
Of course, not all will be exactly the same, there are plenty of new features as well.


50 cities, 3 countries, 1 map

From the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and from Berlin to Geneva. 50 realistic German, Austrian and Swiss cities are at the heart of the new scenario. All cities also have their very own authentic landmark. Hop on board and visit them all!

Famous cars, exquisite watches and delicious cake – supply 11 new regional goods

For the first time ever in the history of Rail Nation, local goods have been added to the game. Players can now supply cities with 11 new, traditional and authentic goods – from Swiss cheese and German beer to leather pants from Austria. Industrial dyes, chocolate and, for the first time, water are now all part of the new range of goods.
Plus, there will naturally be new workers to match these goods.

Complete the journey

Every player who actively plays all Rail Nation scenarios will receive new achievements. The journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also be rewarded with career points.

If you’d like to get all four achievements for playing all maps, please keep in mind that Rail Nation – Origin Journey will be available for a limited time only. Watch this space!


Experience the new map design – modern, bright and full of colour!

Rail Nation – Origin Journey not only offers you beautiful landmarks but also some graphical updates like new trees, rivers, more visible bridges and routes, additional landscape objects and more. In addition to the 50 landmarks, 250 new map elements await you!


Everybody in our development team is looking forward to beginning the journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with you!
See you in Rail Nation – Origin Journey,

Your RN Team







Do landmarks work like in Steam over Europe?

Nope. The landmarks on this map are simply eye-candy only. Rail Nation – Origin Journey is played just like the Classic scenario.


What are the new goods?

They are: water, milk, cheese, chocolate, beer, cake, leather trousers, wristwatches, paint, mobile phones and garden gnomes. On top of that, we have given some older goods new icons.


Does it cost something to play on the new map?

No, the map will be available for all players and free of charge.


Will there be pre-registration for or on the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server?

Nope. The server will only run once and will not restart. For this reason, there will be no pre-registration.


Is the career engine available on this map?



Is it possible to purchase and transfer Gold?

Yeah! Buying Gold is possible and any Gold left over after the end of the event scenario will then be available on any server of the same domain. Transferring Gold from servers of the same domain to the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server is also possible.


When and on which domains will Rail Nation – Origin Journey be available?

We will have German, Russian, Eastern European and international COM game worlds.

First RU game world: 14.5.2019
First COM game world: 16.5.2019
First DE game world: 20.5.2019
First Eastern European game world (CZ, PL, RO, UA): 21.5.2019

Additional game worlds in those domains will start after the 20th of May if needed.



Update 4.14: Primus, Performance & More

Dear players,

Today we’re happy to announce some new features that will arrive with Update 4.14.

First of all, we will release a new bonus engine, the Primus.

This engine is very different to all other bonus engines. That’s because its values will automatically adjust to the current era, so it will always be able to compete with the latest bonus engines. This clearly makes the Primus a relatively powerful asset in your vehicle fleet. For this reason, the Primus will also be something very special with respect to its rarity. By default, the Primus can only be won in the lottery and is, after the Gold rush, the rarest of prizes that can only be won with lots of luck.

What’s more, the Primus will be available as a special bonus for all those among you who’ll buy their very first Rail Nation Gold package… no matter which Gold package you choose.
Have you already purchased Gold before? Don’t worry, you’ll also get the chance to try out the Primus!

In order for all players who’d like to test the Primus to get a chance to do so, we’ll celebrate its release with a 3-month period in which every player will receive the Primus as an additional bonus on top of their first Gold purchase during a game round. Again, it makes no difference which Gold package you go for.

This fairly long period of three months was selected by us, so that you have enough time to join a new game round and try out the Primus in all six eras.

The Primus is a cargo engine and, like other bonus engines, will be available to you until the end of the game round. Plus, you can own it in addition to all the other bonus engines. Adding the Primus to the lottery doesn’t result in any other changes, meaning the ticket price remains the same, as do all the other possible lottery prizes. So essentially, you have the chance to receive a greater bonus with your Gold… if, of course, you are very lucky.

These changes are only available from 25.04.2019!


But Update 4.14 contains more than just the Primus. We’re really happy to have once again improved the game’s performance even further. Last time, this concerned the train list. This time, however, all the railway tycoons with expansive track networks will benefit.

With some background improvements, we’ve been able to considerably reduce the loading time during login for large railway networks. The larger the network, the greater the impact of this improvement. To give you an example: in the most extreme case, the loading time of a fully upgraded railway network will be reduced from 13 seconds to just 0.26 seconds – a reduction of 98%!

There’s also a small change regarding pre-registrations. Until now, it was the case that if a single player pre-registered for a specific city, they also pre-registered their whole association, yet only occupied one single slot in the city. This allowed multiple, large associations to pre-register for the same city while circumventing the overcrowding rule. Since this led to a massive imbalance of the cities, it’s now no longer possible. The registration of a single player now also takes into account the total number of related association members with regard to the overcrowding rule. This creates a more balanced gaming experience for all.

And of course, there will be countless minor changes and bug fixes that you can read about in the change log on the forum.

We hope you like the update.

Your RN Team

Update 4.13: Performance, Association Window, Balancing and More

Dear players,

We already mentioned Update 4.13 and the associated changes in the first part of Rail Nation Route 2019. Given the fact that it’s a relatively big update containing tonnes of improvements that we’re looking forward to, we’d like to take a closer look at it all.

Performance improvements and bugfixes

Performance improvements are a particular highlight in this update. In the first Rail Nation Route, we introduced you to the clearly noticeable improvements to the engine and waggon lists. Scrolling through the lists is now much smoother, the frame rate is higher and the load on working memory has been reduced considerably. Plus, the user interface of the waggon list has been overhauled, resulting in even better performance.

But we didn’t just stop there! We kept ourselves busy and closely examined how the map display affects performance. We thus came up with the change of loading elements on the map only once they’re located in the visible area. This conserves working memory and improves performance even more.

And of course, this update also contains another load of bugfixes. This time, there are a whopping 65 in total! In addition to numerous odds and ends, the problems when deleting association threads or responding to private messages have been resolved.

New association window

Cooperation and teamwork are extremely important factors in Rail Nation – and so, too, are the associations. We’ve therefore completely revised the association window so that key information is more visible and accessible with fewer clicks. Besides a range of minor improvements, the new feature for automatically accepting new members will arrive on game worlds that start after the update. Associations are thus better able to fill their ranks, and new players can find a home more quickly. What’s more, it’s now easier to apply to associations or switch associations, where necessary.

You can find all the details about the new association window HERE in the forum.

Balancing changes

We’ve been attentively following the forums and reading your comments. After analysing the data and extensive discussions, we’ve now implemented some changes to the game’s balancing. You can read about it in detail HERE in the first Rail Nation Route blog post.

Moreover, we’ve taken your feedback on board and fundamentally overhauled the trainspotters. They now appear more rarely, but their rewards are much greater – keeping the overall rewards about the same while limiting the search for trainspotters. Another cause of frustration for many of you was often having to wait far too long for individual trainspotters. This problem’s now a thing of the past, as we’ve not only increased the probability of rare trainspotters appearing, but also added a system that prevents you from not finding any new trainspotters for too long.

Game improvements

This update also contains improvements that don’t quite fit in the other categories. They’re not bugfixes, but we can’t really call them completely new features or balancing changes either. But who needs categories anyway? Update 4.13 includes the following extra improvements (most of which are only for new game worlds!):

  • All prizes in the lottery are now visible;  this means you can also see prizes that are not yet available, and their level requirements are also visible (immediately after the update).
  • In order to enable you to plan better, it’s now possible to see the next six (instead of two) workers who can be purchased at auction (for new game worlds).
  • Players with very little prestige are now no longer considered for city consumption and landmarks (immediately after the update).
  • The costs of upgrading the association headquarters have been reduced by around a half (for new game worlds).
  • If a prize in the lottery can no longer be won because the limit has been reached (e. g. 30 days of Plus Account), much higher amounts of money will now be paid out on average than before (immediately after the update).
  • The start bonus for players who begin in later eras has been increased (for new game worlds).


You can find more information, e. g. when each server will get the update, here in the forum.

We’re delighted to be able to finally release this update for you all and we wish you lots of fun with this improved version of Rail Nation.

Your RN Team

Strategy on the festival server: time for intermediate results!

Dear players,

The festival server is packed with action! In the first days and weeks, the various associations first needed to form up. Some players coordinated and started together in the same city, while others still had to find a suitable association. By now, we can see clear patterns on the server, with cooperation being the focus of all action.
The festival server is international, yet the language barrier doesn’t seem to be much of a hindrance, given the amazing international cooperation that is taking place.


Lots of experienced players are present on the festival server, so everyone knows just what to do. Most players have very clear goals, making the festival a rather relaxed, yet highly strategic and active round.

The large amount of Gold is still new for some players, while others know exactly how to use it most efficiently. Some can really do with the 2,000 Gold every week, in order to compensate for bad investments in the previous week or to press on with pre-planned strategies.

The city levels were quite close together initially. Before the first era change, half of all cities reached the maximum level of 8. The levels are now more spread out: at the start of the fourth era, only six cities reached the maximum level of 24.

The player ranking is subject to constant movements up and down, and the top ten are still all very close together. There will certainly be one or two changes yet and we are really excited to find out which strategy will prevail in the end.

These are the intermediate results for associations, players and cities:

We’re looking forward to experiencing the remaining eras on this special server with you and wish you lots more fun!

Your Rail Nation Team

Free for everyone: Talgo Series 1

Dear railroaders,

Today, we present you with the last free production skin for the passenger trains in this series, the Artemis. As you can see, you’ll receive the Talgo Series 1.

It all began in 1944 when the American Car and Foundry (ACF) expanded on the Talgo concept in a joint effort to create the prototype engines for the Spanish National Railway. All Talgo engines were designed to create unique travel experiences.

The Talgo series was one of the first of the post-war, extremely lightweight streamliners. It set a standard for all other manufacturers as the race for new development began in the 1950s. The radical design concepts of the Talgo gave hope to the American railroads that wanted to reverse the diminishing number of passengers.

The Talgo engine has undergone considerable development. In 1944, it reached a max speed of 135 km/h; nowadays the Talgo 350 easily reaches 350 km h and is currently used in Europe.

The Talgo Series 1 is available in Rail Nation from 25th February 2019 as a free series for the Artemis.

Full steam ahead,


Your Rail Nation Team

Free for all: LMS Coronation Class

Dear players,

Today we’d like to introduce you to the second of three new production series. This time, it’s the Cheetah that’s getting a new look in the form of the LMS Coronation Class.

The LMS Coronation Class is a steam engine first built in 1937. The two streamlining plates on this engine are particularly eye-catching and were used to lower drag. These plates were removed from later models, as they were not effective and made servicing the engine more difficult.
Sadly, the Coronation Class is also famous for being involved in the second-largest disaster in British railway history, in which 112 people lost their lives when two trains collided. Among other consequences, this accident led to the introduction of the ‘Automatic Warning System’, marking an important milestone in the history of British rail transport.

Today, only three units of the Coronation Class remain, with two of them on display in museums in York and Birmingham, while the third unit, named the ‘Duchess of Sutherland’, is still in service in Derbyshire.

The LMS Coronation Class will be available in Rail Nation from 21st February 2019 as a production series for the Cheetah!

Full steam ahead,

Your RN Team

Free for everyone: Bavarian S 3/6

Dear players,

We’re happy to present you with more free production series! This time, the three passenger trains Greyhound, Cheetah and Artemis are getting new alternative looks.

First, we want to introduce you to the new production series for the Greyhound, the ‘Bavarian S 3/6’.

The S 3/6 (pronounced: S-three-sixths) was a steam engine produced by Maffei; a total of 159 units were manufactured between 1908 and 1931. It wasn’t only manufactured for an unusually long period of time, but it was also the most frequently produced Pacific-model engine among all the ‘Länderbahn’ engines. It reached a top speed of 120 km/h and represented a further development of the Baden IV f.
Some of the S 3/6 engines were modernised during the 1950s and used until the final unit was removed from active service in 1983. A number of remaining units are still on display in Bavarian museums today.

The Bavarian S 3/6 will be available in Rail Nation from 18th February 2019 as a free production series for the Greyhound!

Full steam ahead,

Your RN Team

Rail Nation Route 2019: A new scenario

Welcome to the second part of the Rail Nation Route 2019, where we share our biggest goals of 2019 with you. In contrast to the rather detailed first part of the series, which was about HTML5 and Update 4.13, today we only have some limited, yet tantalising information about an exciting project: we’re working on a new scenario!

We don’t want to give away too much yet, but what we can tell you is that the new scenario will be based on the results of the last user survey and that we expect to launch it in the second quarter of 2019.

Not enough information for you? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with more details on Facebook and in our forum over the coming days and weeks.
All the details will of course be summarised in a blog post shortly before the launch of the new scenario.

We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Your RN Team



Rail Nation Route: Our plans for 2019

Dear players,

Welcome to part one of our ‘Rail Nation Route 2019’. With this and some upcoming blog posts, we’d like to tell you about some of the big topics we’ve planned for 2019.

An era will end in 2020, as the Flash Player will no longer be available. That’s why the first topic we need to discuss is the HTML5 version of Rail Nation.
This will not involve complete redevelopment, but rather porting the current client so that after the Flash plug-in is switched off in 2020, Rail Nation can still be played in all common browsers. Porting essentially means transcribing the game into new code.
This future-proof version of Rail Nation has been in the making for some time now and the release is planned for the second half of 2019.


Besides this really important background change in Rail Nation, we’d also like to talk about some changes that will arrive much sooner, namely Update 4.13.
Apart from the usual little bits and pieces, the update will focus on improvements in three areas that we’d like to explain in more detail:

  1. Redesigned association window

Associations are a crucial part of the gaming experience for most players. For this reason, we have revised the complete association screen. It will be available from Update 4.13 on all game worlds and essentially makes changing your association much easier. For example, this will make it simpler for new players to change over to a new association that they can call their home after having previously chosen a more or less random association during the tutorial:

  • The association window is now also available as a centered window.
  • It will now be possible to apply for a new association without leaving the current one first. If accepted, the old association will automatically be left (restarting game worlds only).
  • If accepted by one association, other open applications will be deleted.
  • All association features combined will now be available in one window.
  • As Chairperson, it’ll be possible to spot potential members more easily.
  • It will also be possible to automatically accept new applicants, as long as there is still room (restarting game worlds only).



  1. Balancing

Update 4.13 will also bring some changes to the game balancing, based on your direct feedback, user surveys and data taken directly from the game itself.

  • The prestige received for halving waiting times will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).
  • The prestige received for investments in industries will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).
  • Steam over Europe: Region scores for landmarks will be reduced from 2,000 to 1,500 points (restarting game worlds only).
  • Collecting trainspotters will be less frustrating!
    • Trainspotters will only appear every 60 minutes instead of 30.
    • The trainspotter rewards will be increased accordingly.
    • Petr and friends will be less shy! Rare trainspotters will appear more frequently.
    • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 20 already collected trainspotters.


  1. Performance improvements

We kept the best for last, as we’re really happy about this announcement: Update 4.13 will bring some changes that will dramatically improve the performance for many players! Most of our updates contain changes that in some way improve overall performance. Not all of these changes can be felt directly by players, because they may only affect certain groups of players, they may be minor improvements or take place in the background.
This time is different as the improvements concern core features of the game, making them very visible indeed!

Both the train and the waggon list have been optimised and will now work more fluently, while putting a considerably smaller load on your internal memory. The waggon list will also appear with a new interface. You can take a look at the difference in performance in the following videos.



Update 4.13 is currently scheduled for March.


By the way, this is only the first part of the ‘Rail Nation Route 2019’. We’ll keep you posted about our plans in the coming days and weeks.

Until then,

Your RN Team!

Meta Events and Diamonds

Dear players,

Today we’d like to talk about the past and future of meta events. These refer to events like the 2018 Winter Event.
During the Winter Event, you were able to collect countless free bonuses as well as diamonds in the game. Diamonds can be seen as a form of score or event prestige, showing your progress in the event. They stay with you even after the end of the event.

The number of diamonds also determines the level of the event building, which gives a small bonus on event quests.

In the Winter Event, we focused on trade as the most effective strategy. Lots of players liked the idea and, with a perfected strategy and lots of work, gained many more diamonds than we could have imagined even in our wildest dreams.

This led to discussion within the community as to why some players had considerably more diamonds than most others. Of course, this is quite a big advantage for any future events and it may result in a situation where those players extend their lead with every event, thereby making it impossible for other players to win an event.

However, there are some possible solutions to this issue.

  • Some players suggested resetting all players’ diamonds and starting again from zero. We think this is too drastic a decision, especially for those players who worked really hard on collecting lots of diamonds. Their efforts shouldn’t have been for nothing.
  • A different solution proposed was to inflate the number of diamonds in future events: this would mean increasing the number of diamonds awarded massively, making the record amounts of the Winter Event no longer a special occurrence. This solution would likewise have the disadvantage of essentially undoing the time and effort players put into the Winter Event. Additionally, for those players with normal amounts of diamonds, their efforts during the Winter Event would become irrelevant after the next event.
  • Eventually, we decided on a compromise. We closely checked the statistics of the diamonds that were handed out to players and decided to draw a line at 500 diamonds. Everything above that figure will be reset to 500 before the next event. The rewards (including achievements) that players received will not, however, be touched and will remain intact. We chose 500 as the point to draw the line because that is the amount that allows players who have traded effectively and cooperatively to still stand out from the crowd. Yet, it’s not an amount so high that it can never be caught up to. This method also avoids making smaller amounts irrelevant. It still makes a difference if a player gained 50 or 200 diamonds.

Finally, we’d like to say a few words about the future: due to the extraordinarily positive feedback in general, we plan to add more meta events to the game. We also want to emphasise cooperation in events – at least for most of them, even if perhaps not for all. And of course, we’ll make sure that future events will have a theoretical maximum number of diamonds that players can receive. A final piece of information: although the Winter Event was tied to a season, that doesn’t need to be the case for all events. There are already multiple concepts for future events. Currently, we’re not yet able to tell you when the next event will take place.

We hope you’re looking forward to more meta events as much as we are!

Your RN Team!

Rail Nation Birthday Festival

Dear players,

Another year has come to an end and Rail Nation will soon be celebrating its sixth birthday. We have spent a while thinking about how we should celebrate. Balloons? A cake? Maybe paper streamers?

We ultimately decided to organise something for you all instead: the Rail Nation Birthday Festival!

To celebrate our birthday, we will provide you with an extraordinary game experience by opening special festival servers (Classic Express) that will work a little differently to what you’re used to:

It will not be possible to buy Gold on these servers!

Increase your Gold ten-fold!

Each participant of the Birthday Festival will receive 20,000 Gold on the server. To take part, you need to sign up beforehand for 2,000 Gold. When the server starts, each player will then be credited with 10,000 Gold and a further 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era. So in effect, the Gold you spend on registering will increase ten-fold!

No one will be able to create an extra advantage for themselves. Everyone will play according to the same conditions!

We are excited to see who can spend this Gold in the most effective, creative or successful way. Who will find the best way to victory with this limited Gold and what will those of you who have other goals do?

Here in the forum, you can tell us what your strategy will be.

How will it all work?


To take part in the Birthday Festival, you will need to register for an entry fee of 2,000 Gold. You can either pay the entry fee directly with any Gold you already have or you can buy the 2,000 Gold from the shop. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to enter, a dedicated Gold package will be available during the admission phase which will contain precisely the 2,000 Gold you need. This package will become available from 8 January (during the day).


If you sign up with your friends, we obviously don’t want you to accidentally land on different servers – in case several festival servers are launched. That’s why you can choose a certain group when you sign up. It doesn’t matter which group you choose, as long as you are all in the same group as your friends. If you still register for the wrong group by mistake, no worries: that can be changed, provided that the chosen group is not already full.
We will then distribute the groups across the different servers required, depending on the number of participants.


You can register between 8 January 2019, 2 pm (CET), and 22 January 2019, 11.59 pm (CET), for the Rail Nation Birthday Festival. And a week later, it kicks off for everyone on 29 January 2019. This week-long gap gives us the chance to set up the necessary servers.

To prevent any problems with overburdened servers at the start of the festival, not all players will start the game at the same time. The login times will be staggered in 15-minute intervals, each with 250 players, and those of you who sign up for the Birthday Festival the earliest will also be able to start the earliest. So, if you’d like a few minutes’ head start, register as soon as possible!

Please note that the group you choose is NOT relevant, but only your own registration time.

Modified features

Festival servers have a few special features that set them apart from normal servers. Besides purchasing Gold, Gold transfers (in both directions), normal pre-registration, Gold rush, the super starter package, inviting friends, the tutorial and redeeming bonus codes are all deactivated on the festival servers.


Let’s summarise everything:

  • Increase your Gold ten-fold from 2,000 to 20,000
  • Receive 10,000 Gold when you start and 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era
  • Play with friends by signing up together in the same group
  • Pre-registration from 8 to 22 January
  • The festival starts on 29 January
  • Classic Express scenario
  • Various features are deactivated
  • International servers with players from around the world
  • Early registration means an early start
  • Have fun!



How many servers will there be?

This depends on the total number of participants – we’ll announce this at the end of the pre-registration phase.

What are the groups for exactly?

The groups allow you to play together with your friends even if multiple servers are launched. If you’re in the same group, you’ll definitely start on the same festival server.

How many players will fit in each group?

150 players can sign up for each group, which means that even really large groups of friends can fit in a group and that groups can be easily assigned to the servers.

How many players will play on a festival server?

In case of multiple servers, the maximum number of players will be 2,000 to 2,500 players per server. Lower numbers are also possible, however, in order to ensure an even distribution of players over the necessary servers.

Can I transfer the Gold and other content (Plus Account) I receive on the festival server to other servers?

No, that’s not possible. The Gold is only intended for this server and Plus Account days cannot be transferred.

Are the festival servers divided according to language?

No, the festival servers will generally be accessible internationally.


The winter event is coming!

Hello railway fans,

Winter is coming! Following this year’s extraordinarily hot summer in many parts of the world, temperatures are now slowly going down as the cosy season begins. It’s the time of biting cold outside and snugly evenings in your warm home. Of course, the change of season is not lost on Rail Nation either, and we’d like to help bring you into a wintry mood.

We’re happy to present you the winter event for the very first time!

In addition to the usual gameplay, the winter event will temporarily add some special features. Quests, a new building for your train station, a new currency, new resources and a new challenge where you need to carefully plan how to use these resources… and of course, rewards matching your efforts!

The winter event will be active on the following servers from 6th December and will last a total of 8 days:


The event can be summarised with the following bullet points:

  • Collect winter coins
  • Use winter coins to buy winter resources
  • Reveal fields on the board with winter resources in order to reach the bonus ticket at the end of the board
  • Collect as many diamonds as possible from bonus tickets
  • Win lots of other rewards
  • Earn career points at the end of the event by being one of the collectors with the most diamonds


Below, we’ll explain the individual elements of the event in more detail:


These are winter coins, the basic currency of the winter event. You can get them by trading winter resources, from quests, the winter market, revealing fields on the event trail and from carrying out random actions in the game.



Here you can see the five new winter resources.

You can buy them either individually or in boxes in exchange for winter coins. The prices for the individual resources vary, depending on supply and demand across the whole server. So, it’s important to carefully consider when and how to buy which resources and when to sell them to get more winter coins.

You can do all this on the winter event board that you can see here:

At the top of the board, you can see the trade menu for winter resources and their current prices. In the bottom left, you can see the resource boxes that can also be purchased with winter coins.

The trail is in the middle of the board. Here you can reveal the fields by investing the resource shown on them. You can work your way through to the right to reach the bonus ticket. When revealing fields, you’ll find the odd surprise every now and again.

You can also see the buttons that lead you to the quests and the diamond ranking in the bottom right of this image.

The amount of winter coins and diamonds you own is displayed in the top right. And, last but not least, in the top left you can see your winter market’s level and how many diamonds you need to collect to level-up the building.

Winter market? Well, we should probably also explain what this is about. The winter market is a new building you can find in your train station.

You can regularly earn winter coins from it. Like other buildings, the winter market also has a level. If your winter market has a higher level, you’ll get a small bonus on the winter coins you earn from completing quests. This bonus will stay with you for any possible future events and for their event currency! The winter market’s level increases, the more diamonds you collect. The diamonds aren’t spent in this process, instead the level of the building depends on the total amount of diamonds collected.

The bonus ticket is also very important; it’s your most valuable source of diamonds.

While it’s possible that you’re lucky and receive a diamond by revealing fields or from the winter market, you’ll gain most from the bonus ticket. The bonus ticket doesn’t only contain diamonds, but also one of the following prizes:

  • Free lottery tickets
  • Gold
  • Winter coins
  • Additional diamonds
  • Plus Account
  • The new event bonus engine
  • The special event Gold or winter coin rush

It pays to unlock the bonus ticket as many times as possible. Especially since the number of diamonds you collect will determine how many career points you’ll get at the end of the event. You can view the diamond ranking at any time during the event. Your rank is calculated according to the percentage of the best players on the server you’re on.

We wish you lots of fun and may the player in the best winter spirit win!



Can I buy winter coins or resources with Gold?

No, that’s not possible.

Are the quests more difficult to solve if I play on a server in an early era?

No, we worked hard to adjust the quests to the different eras. Additionally, you’ll only compete with players on your own server, so everyone plays under the same circumstances.

Will I receive more career points and diamonds, as well as a higher-level event building if I play on multiple game worlds?

Nope. If you play on multiple game worlds, only the one with your best result will count and the amount of career points and the level of the event building will only be determined by that game world.

Which era was the event bonus engine designed for? Do I have an advantage if I win it in an early era?

The event bonus engine’s attributes are adjusted to the era you win it in. It will be roughly just as helpful in all eras.

What’s the best strategy to win?

You’ll have to find out yourself 😉

Are the winter resources in some way related to the goods transported in the game?

No, the winter resources are only used for the winter event trail.

You mentioned future events… what sort of events will they be?

This hasn’t been decided yet. If you like the event, we would occasionally like to host additional events, though.

Why does the event not take place on some game worlds?

This affects servers where the winter event would happen at the same time as the endgame and those, where the server either started too late or ends too early, meaning the event couldn’t run for its full duration.

What happens to the winter market after the event?

The winter market will disappear from your train stations and will only reappear, possibly in a different form, if other similar events are staged. The level will remain the same, however.

How long can the bonus engine be kept? Only until the end of the event or until the end of the server?

The bonus engine will remain with you until the end of the server.

Can the bonus engine be purchased with Gold?

No, that’s not possible.

Do I have to buy Gold for the event?

Nope. Some quests can only be solved by using Gold; however, as an active player in the event, you should always get enough Gold to be able to solve these quests.

Why does the winter market have such a long cool-down?

This was done intentionally to give both hardcore and casual players a fair shot at the game.

We need your opinion on the split laboratory!

Dear players,

You might have asked yourself what happened to your ideas for new features that we recently collected. Your favourite feature at the time was the split laboratory. A little reminder: the idea was about being able to decide whether to speed up research and increase the frequency of research point production, or to increase the maximum storage limit for research points. Both options, depending on play-style, have their pros and cons, and the option to choose either allows you to match your train station with your personal style of play.

Since this idea came up, we have been working on ways to make it happen and have now prepared two options on which we’d like to get your opinions.

The decision at stake here concerns the interface of the new split laboratory and it will also slightly change the way the building works.

Option A: The two-button solution

Here, it would be an option to have two visual buildings in the game, but only one large clickable area that leads you to the laboratory and lets you decide what to upgrade there. It could look like this:

The second building you see here is only a placeholder for now.

Option B: The two-building solution

Alternatively, both buildings could have their own clickable areas, each leading to a separate menu. This would change the mechanics of the feature slightly, as two separate buildings would also mean that they could both be upgraded simultaneously if a player wishes to do that. In the game, this could look as follows:

Let us know HERE IN THE FORUM which option you prefer… and why, too! We’re happy to develop this feature together with you and are looking forward to the final result. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about the ongoing development of this feature and hope all of us will soon be able to experience this feature first-hand in our train stations!


Full steam ahead!
Your Rail Nation Team


Time for Pioneers – Overview of the new stats for all engines

The new update is bringing big changes to Rail Nation.

Besides the six new passenger engines and the revamped research trees, all attributes of the engines you are familiar with will also change. The new engine stats can be characterised by improved balancing. The new categories mean each engine provides added value in certain game situations.

Adapting to these modified attributes will be a big challenge for all players. Gone are the times where the research path to the Falcon and Lynx were always the same. New paths to success must now be found.

To make sure you can also master Rail Nation in the future, we offer you an overview of how the engine’s attributes will change.

How to read the tables:

The figures always show the minimum value without upgrades and the highest value including all upgrades that an engine could reach until now (old) and the equivalent future values (new). Additionally, the new engine category (sprinter, short-haul, etc.) is displayed underneath the name.

The left figure shows the minimum value without upgrades, the right figure the maximum after installing all upgrades.

The update will soon be released. Of course, the engine attributes will not be changed during a round. The changes will only affect new servers. We’ll soon let you know when the first server with the new stats will launch.

We hope you find the tables helpful!

Time for Pioneers: Master the Future of Rail Nation

Whether it was the development of the steam engine that powered the Industrial Revolution or the invention of electric engines that we still use today – in the history of railways, there have often been changes that meant progress.

While some people clung to the old technologies and have never been heard of since, those who supported the changes went down in history successfully.


Rail Nation, too, will soon see immense innovations that will present all players who have ever played Rail Nation with new strategic and tactical options. There will be a lot to discover and tinker with. The changes can be summarised in three categories.

  1. Integration of six new passenger engines
  2. Restructuring of the six research trees
  3. New attributes for all existing engines


Six new passenger engines

We surveyed the Rail Nation community back in 2017 to find six new passenger engines. You responded and chose the following six models.

This means, instead of one, there are now two passenger engines in each era, which you can use to transport people between cities. Depending on the distance of the route and waiting times, one of the two can always play to their advantage.

This change doesn’t affect Rail Nation – USA. The passenger feature will continue to be available exclusively on Classic and Steam over Europe.


Restructuring of the six research trees

Of course, the six new engines need to be integrated into the research trees. We didn’t just add the new engines somewhere between two old engines in the existing research trees. Instead, we used this opportunity to completely redesign the research paths and research costs. Since the research trees have only been changed once before (with the introduction of the passenger trains), we have now intentionally decided to break with old habits to provide players with more variety in their gameplay options. The times where players could blindly research the full tree in each era are over for the time being. It’s time for smart choices again!

New attributes for all engines

To round up the general overhaul of research in Rail Nation, we also couldn’t resist working on the engines you’re familiar with. Once we were done adjusting the research trees and integrating the six passenger engines, all engines were given new values in the categories speed, acceleration, tractive force, reliability and costs.

Our focus here was on creating more equal and optimised balancing within each era.

The new values now ensure that each era has at least one engine of the categories short-haul engine, sprinter, all-rounder, traction giant, long-haul engine and marathoner. Each engine now has its own purpose and can be used in particular situations. There is now the right engine for all kinds of schedules in all six eras and players can now use their engines on routes matching their very own play-style.


The changes will soon be live on the first game worlds, begging the question:

What will you do? Will you stand idly by? Or will you accept the challenge and master the future of Rail Nation?


Important general information:

  • All changes come into force with the restart of a server.
  • The roll-out for this update is planned for the end of September. Of course, we’ll keep you posted about the exact dates.
  • Still no passenger trains in Rail Nation – USA.

Golden times! Rail Nation is giving away 1,000,000 Gold


The heavens are opening up above Rail Nation in a golden spectacle! Rail Nation is giving away 1,000,000 Gold to its community!
Between 27.08. and 29.08.2018, Rail Nation is raffling off 100x 10,000 Gold. To participate in the prize draw, simply log into any Rail Nation game world during the event. Every player who’s active during this time will be automatically entered into the raffle and will have a chance of winning one of 100 Gold packages.
Each player can only take part in the prize draw once per account. So there’s no advantage to logging into multiple game worlds during these golden times. The first avatar used to access one of the Rail Nation game worlds during the event will be decisive. In the event that you delete your avatar, you will be able to transfer any Gold you win during the event to another game world.

Each account can win a maximum of one Gold package. Purchasing in-game products or services will have no impact on your chance of winning.
Once the event is over, the 100 winners will be drawn at random. The Gold will be credited to the chosen avatars within seven days of the end of the event.

The rules at a glance:

  • Rail Nation is giving away a total of 1,000,000 Gold
  • Each participant has the same chance of winning one of 100 packages, each containing 10,000 Rail Nation Gold
  • Event starts: 27.08.2018
  • Closing date for participation: 29.08.2018
  • To take part, a player must simply log into a Rail Nation game world during the event.
  • Only the first avatar that logs in per account will be entered into the prize draw. In the event that you delete your avatar, the Gold prize can be transferred to another game world.
  • The 100 winners will be drawn at random.
  • The Gold prizes will be credited to the account of each winning avatar within seven days of the end of the event.

The detailed terms of participation can be found here.

Rail Nation through History: Part 3

Era 5:

Around 1919 – 2013

All of a sudden, it’s quiet. Only the view outside tells you that you’re still travelling. The landscape flies by at high speed. Your seat is more comfortable than ever. Welcome to modernity!

The engines are now powered by electricity and resemble technological master pieces. Skyscrapers tower above our train station. Architecture is dominated by glass.

But first, let’s move back to the 1950s, where the important foundations of the modern engine can be traced back to. In 1955, the French production series SNCF BB 9004 sets a world speed record for rail vehicles, at 331 km/h – truly an incredible speed at the time.

The BB 7200, built until 1985, also comes from France. The characteristic front by the designer Paul Arzens earned her the nickname ‘Nez Cassé’, which translates as ‘Broken Nose’.

One of the most distinctive production series in Rail Nation is the pair of Crocodiles that were built from 1919, but which remained in regular service until the 1980s. The Ce 6/8, the original Crocodile, was mainly designed in Switzerland for heavy cargo duty on the steep Gotthard railway.

The ‘German Crocodile’, featuring as the Leviathan production series in Rail Nation, remains in active service until the 1990s, before railway companies eventually phase it out. However, the preserved engines do still serve as a store of spare parts or as museum exhibits.

Another eye-catcher from this time is the TGV Sud-Est with its distinctively orange paint. The high-speed train from the first generation of the TGV series is used mainly on the route between Paris and Lyon, before being phased out in 2013.

Era 6:

Around 1994 – today

We enter a tunnel. You take a sip of your hot drink and lean back. The bright light blinds you for a second as the train exits the tunnel, but then you see the new scenery. You’re travelling through a huge megacity. Left and right of you, slightly futuristic buildings fly by. You have reached the final era in Rail Nation.

Exactly since the beginning of the 21st century, the Bombardier Traxx is developed and is meanwhile in active service in 17 different countries. The 145er series has also been spotted in Rail Nation.

Moreover, the first Chinese engine in Rail Nation can be found here: the China Railways HXD2 that was designed based on the French Alstom Prima.

The real jaw-droppers of this most modern era can be found among the passenger trains and locomotives. It starts with the Pendolino, the flagship of the Polish railway association PKP. The engine is manufactured by the French company Alstom. In 2014, PKP introduces the latest generation. Unfortunately, the train cannot make full use of its power in Poland, as the speed is limited to 200 km/h there.

The Sapsan, used in Russia, is built by the German company Siemens and is based on the ICE 3 of the Deutsche Bahn. It is adapted to the Russian broad gauge and the particular climatic conditions in the region.

The Shinkansen is an evolution of the experimental train FASTECH 360 from 2005. Both the prototype, as well as the series, have a streamlined design to prevent the piston effect in tunnels in particular.

Eventually, your train slows down and enters the train station. You get to your feet, stretch your arms and legs, and leave your cabin. We hope you enjoyed the ride and – just like us – are excited to see where the future of the locomotive takes us.

Rail Nation through History: Part 2

Hold on tight, we’re accelerating! Forests and fields begin to pass by outside more quickly. Smaller cities now break up the scenery more often. Despite the increased speed, it’s becoming increasingly quieter in your cabin. The Rail Nation journey continues.

Era 3:

Around 1945 – 1970

The scenery is brightening up again. Change is taking place. It also affects the engine, since the old steam engines are now replaced by modern diesel engines. This evolution is also clearly reflected in our engine house. Modern skylights allow the engines to shine in a bright light.

The German football world champions of 1954 travel home on a train with a DB series VT 08 diesel engine.

Europe comes closer together in 1957 and a range of new railway services are called into being, chief among them the Trans-Europe Express. Many business and leisure travellers can now travel across Europe in exclusive first-class trains.

The ALCO RS-3 also conquers a whole continent, the Americas to be precise. In 1950, the engines of the American Locomotive Company link Canada, the US, Mexico and Brazil.

And while the first man sets foot on the moon in 1969, French engineers begin development of an aerodynamic experimental train that, with the name TGV, is to considerably affect railway traffic in the future.

Era 4:

Around 1970 – 1990

As technological progress gathers increasing pace, engines are also affected. Powerful diesel engines can be found next to state-of-the-art diesel-electric engines. The engine house grows in every direction to make room for the countless array of vehicles.

Attention, turn ahead! Yet, instead of being pulled off the seats while the luggage flies through the cabin, everything remains safely in place. The landscape outside the window seems slightly skewed.

One of the first engines to use tilt technology is the UAC Turbotrain from 1968. The aerodynamic engine keeps its high pace even in turns and transports passengers in the USA and Canada to their destination at lightning speed.

With its amazing 6,000 HP, the GE AC6000CW from 1995 is one of the most powerful single-unit diesel engines in the world. It is still in use on tracks all around the world.

The EMD JT42CWR is better known to Rail Nation players as the Poseidon. Between 1998 and 2016, an impressive 651 engines of this kind are built and shipped all across Europe. This engine is also still used today.

Quick and steady, our engine travels on the tracks of history. Next stop: the world of today!

Rail Nation through History: Part 1


The look of the engine house has been fully revised and now reflects each era. We’d like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the fascinating history of the locomotive.

Hop on board, please!

Mind the steps. Down the aisle on the left. On the right is the door to your cabin. Head on in, stow away your luggage and take a seat. Time to relax. Now lay back, rest your head on the cushion, stretch out your legs, place your arms on the armrests and have a look out the window. We’ll now begin our Rail Nation journey through history.

Era 1:

Around 1825 – 1925

Night falls, but there’s no darkness. Light still glimmers from the factories where large plumes of smoke rise above the city. Industrialisation will change humanity forever.

In the north-east of England, between Stockton and Darlington, the first ever passenger transport takes place in 1825. It is hauled by the engine named ‘No. 1’ on the railway track initiated by Edward Pease. Close to the tracks, there are clusters of people marvelling and cheering as history is being made.

In a different corner of the world, thousands head to the rivers to try their luck in the recently discovered gold fields. The 19th-century gold rush has fully gripped the USA.

The DeWitt Clinton is the first scheduled US engine, entering service in 1831 and travelling between Albany and Schenectady at a tremendous speed of 50 km/h. Passengers sit both within the carriage-like waggons as well as on top of them – a trend that doesn’t survive long in light of the steam-powered engines. In the same year, the first line on the European continent, Saint-Étienne – Lyon, opens in France.

In Belgium, the first steam engine enters service between Brussels and Mechelen in 1835. Soon after, a national railway network is built, which, until the middle of the 19th century, is considered the densest railway network on the continent. Our oldest engine, the Eagle, is also born.

Following the American Civil War, the railway industry becomes the second largest industry in America. People like Edward Henry Harriman or Cornelius Vanderbilt rise as railway tycoons. One of the most prevalent engines of this time is the USARA 0-6-0.

Era 2:

Around 1920 – 1950

The 20th century starts with a terrible bang: the First World War devastates nations and significantly changes the course of history.

Reconstruction also affects the railways. Just like the cities, the need for transport, as well as the steam engines themselves, grows. The engine house adapts as a result: wooden beams make way for modern steal beams.

In 1938, the Mallard of the production series LNER-Class A4 sets a speed record for steam engines that remains unbeaten today: 201.2 km/h.

But before humanity can recover from the First World War, the Second World War breaks out. Europe’s trains are once again used in war.

The history of engines develops more positively elsewhere. The PRR-Class T1 becomes one of the world’s most powerful and fastest steam engines in 1942.

South of the equator, things also move ahead. The engines of the NSWGR-Class AD60 mainly transport coal and ore across Australia and, in 1952, are the heaviest steam engines in the southern hemisphere.

Despite all the events, the rise of the engine becomes unstoppable as we approach the next era.

Massive Update 4.8.0 is ready to launch

The latest version of Rail Nation will now be installed on all servers and it includes some great improvements. Initially, we will update two servers for each scenario, with all other servers being updated a week later. Servers still using the old client are not affected. They will be updated when their rounds restart.


Extensive update in for different areas of the game

A new home for your engines

This is eye candy for all train lovers! Rail Nation’s 3D artists have done a great job completely overhauling the engine purchase screen over recent months. Trains and engines now shine in a brand-new light. Each of the six eras now has its own look matching its period. Just like the eras, trains and cities, the engine purchase screen now evolves from a steam-filled engine house to a well-lit hall with a glass roof. By changing the proportions, the difference in engine sizes is now even more realistic.


New messaging system

The messaging system in the new client has often been a hotly discussed topic in the community. We listened to your feedback and developed a clearer messaging system.
In the messenger, private chats with other players, system messages and the forums are now distinctly separated. This guarantees a better overview of the events in the game world, the connected cities and the association.
In the city, association and regional windows, you can now once again find direct links to the relevant forum.
You can now also easily favourite a topic or disable certain notifications. A completely new feature for the messages are the settings that allow every player to personalise their messaging system according to their needs.
Overall, the messaging system is now much clearer, simplifying communication for the players.


Special association slot for newbies

Recently, we introduced the mentoring programme and the pre-registration for the next round. With Update 4.8.0, we now present the ‘newbie slot’.
This feature allows new players, who aren’t yet part of an association, to join one. The advantage for the association is a new player who can help out, while all existing members can of course keep their place in the association. The advantage for the new player is that they can now play with, instead of against, experienced players, allowing them to learn the game faster and discover more facets of the game more quickly.
The requirement for using the newbie slot is career level 1 at the point of joining an association. Should the new player reach higher career ranks over the course of the game round, they can remain in the association nonetheless. If at the end of the round all association members (i.e. 25+1) decide to pre-register for the next round, all members will keep their space in the association.
This allows all players to benefit and new players can become loyal association members.


Trainspotter balancing adjustment

Now that our trainspotters have been taking pictures of your trains for a couple of weeks, allowing you to collect them, we have decided to adjust the feature in a way that all 25 trainspotters can be found more quickly.
Following the update, duplicate trainspotters will no longer appear. Of the last ten generated trainspotters near your tracks, each trainspotter can only appear once and not multiple times as before.


On top of that, we also made some other adjustments:

  • Brand-new medals for watching videos
  • Top-level switches in the options Fully turn on/off categories like audio settings or notifications
  • Changes made to the option settings are now saved in the user’s system for each server. The options don’t need to be readjusted in each new round.
  • All players now start in expert mode, which means all features are available right from the start.
  • During the tutorial, you no longer have to vote for a president/mayor (Steam over Europe)


We wish you lots of fun with the new and improved features in Rail Nation and hopefully a successful game!
Your Rail Nation Team

Send us cards from around the world!

Dear players,

Last year, 149 postcards found their way to us, covering a combined distance of 234,489.06 kilometres. We’d love to receive your postcards from around the world this year, too! So if you travel this summer, be sure to send us a postcard to:

Rail Nation
Bright Future GmbH
Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56
50968 Cologne

Write us your avatar and server name and tell us from where you sent us the card. All participants will receive 100 Gold. And if the postcard includes a railway-themed picture, we’ll even give you 200 Gold!

Each avatar can only take part once, so send us your postcard from your most exciting holiday destination! You can of course send us a postcard from home too, if you don’t plan to go on holiday.

This map shows you the places from which we’ve already received your cards. The postcards from last year are also included. The bar was set quite high last year! Will you manage to send enough postcards this time to beat the combined distance?

Entry closes on 1st October 2018.

We look forward to your postcards!
Your Rail Nation Team

Finally back – Rail Nation: Clash!

Dear players,

Rail Nation: Clash! is back – in a special football edition. The popular Rail Nation: Clash! is finally launching again and there’s a whole host of prizes up for grabs. Since last year, a few changes have been made to the game.

As the World Cup is entering its final week in Russia, Rail Nation: Clash! is starting the preliminary round with points to be won. After that, the number of points distributed will increase with each successive round.

This time, Clash! revolves around the topic of football! But this doesn’t mean you have to be a die-hard football fan to beat the competition in this event! As before, the rewards include attractive achievements. In addition, Gold prizes are available for the top three places, and material prizes will be drawn among the top 20.


You may only participate in Rail Nation: Clash! with one Rail Nation account.

You can play 5 ranked matches every day.

2/7 – 8/7 Training: No points for the ranking yet

9/7 – 17/7 Preliminary round (Single points: 6 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd)

18/7 – 24/7 Round of sixteen (Double points: 12, 8, 4)

25/7 – 30/7 Quarter finals (Triple points: 18, 12, 6)

31/7 – 3/8 Semi-finals (Quadruple points: 24, 16, 8)

4/8 – 5/8 Final (Five-fold points: 30, 20, 10)


1st-10th: 1,000 career points

11th-100th: 500 career points

101st-1,000th: 250 career points

1,001st-10,000th: 100 career points

All other participants: 25 career points


1st: 3,000 Gold

2nd: 2,000 Gold

3rd: 1,000 Gold

We will also raffle three current World Cup football shirts among the 20 best-ranked players. The winners can choose the nation and size.

We hope you have fun in Rail Nation: Clash!
The Rail Nation Team

Have you been infected by football fever yet?

The World Cup is just around the corner and once again we are looking for the best football expert within the ranks of the Rail Nation community! Put your skills to the test and win big!

We have reactivated the Rail Nation prediction game. Players who already registered during the 2016 European Championship can just log into their existing accounts and join the new round. Of course, new players are also welcome!


Sign up for free, beat the other players and win awesome prizes!

We wish you lots of fun and good luck.

Select your favourite feature

Dear players,

Thank you for your countless feature suggestions! We have now worked through all the ideas and have added quite a few to our list. Some of your ideas actually already existed as a concept on the desk of our game designer.

Eventually, we had to agree on 5 favourites, on which you can now vote! Choose your favourite feature that the Rail Nation team will develop for you in the coming weeks! The poll is open until 25.05.2018.

1. Production series benefits

Each production series will have a small, individual advantage in one of the four categories speed, acceleration, reliability and tractive force (tractive force only in later eras, as the advantage would be too big otherwise). While one production series would have a 3 km/h higher top speed, another may have 5% greater reliability or an additional point in acceleration. That means switching between production series could gain you the crucial seconds to win a competition or increase your profits some more.

Thanks to: Letnab

2. Association competition

Associations close to each other in the ranking would fight against each other in an association competition once a week. The association generating the highest profit within one hour would win the association competition and receive the main prize. The lower-ranked associations would receive smaller prizes based on their ranking.
Prizes could include waiting time reductions or faster engines for all association members for one day.

Thanks to: Hub3rt

3. Landmark widget (only for Steam over Europe)

There could be a landmark widget similar to the one for cities. It would allow players to see the progress of all connected landmarks and access them directly from the screen or centre them on the map. Investments, passengers and the two to three most required goods (including the player’s own position) would always be displayed.

Thanks to: Uvir

4. Passenger transports with the career engine

A career engine upgrade could be researched that would allow it to transport passengers too. The upgrade would follow after the goods for era six and would cost 3,000 technology points. The tractive force would equal 10 times the tractive force of waggons.

Thanks to: Torsten Brehmer

5. Split laboratory

When upgrading the laboratory, a player could decide either to increase the research speed (e.g. one research point every 70 minutes instead of 75, for $1,000,000) or to increase the research point limit (e.g. 16 points instead of 14, for $500,000). The first option is beneficial for players who are often online, while the second option helps those who only log in once or twice a day.

Thanks: Wunsiedl

The ideas that didn’t make it into the top five are of course not gone for good! After a review, many of them have been added to the ideas list of our game designer Bruno.

We’re looking forward to receiving your votes!
The Rail Nation Team

Interface and client update for Rail Nation Classic

Dear Rail Nation community,

The time has come! Following the Rail Nation scenarios Steam over Europe and USA, the Rail Nation Classic game worlds will also soon be equipped with the new client and user interface. This patch will be installed on all Classic worlds restarting after 14th May 2018.

First of all and most importantly, the Classic gameplay you are familiar with will not be changed. Features like the regional battle, landmarks or mayors will remain exclusive features of the Steam over Europe and/or USA scenarios.

What awaits you instead is a modern, fully-fledged client that’s more convenient and easier to use.

For more efficient development

This change is necessary for us as developers in order to move Rail Nation, with all its facets and scenarios, a major step forwards. By consolidating all the code strings in Rail Nation, fixings bugs and developing new content will become more efficient and faster. The whole development process will be improved, meaning we can ensure a higher level of quality throughout. Indeed, it will only be necessary for us to work on one code and interface.

Those of you who haven’t played the new client recently can try it out again on the Steam over Europe or USA scenario servers – a lot has changed since its launch with Steam over Europe two years ago.

User requests have found their way into the new client

It’s been a long journey, on which we have continued to develop the new client and implement many improvements. We listened to your wishes for the new client, happily took them on board and integrated them into development. We have optimised the new client over the course of more than 17 updates. Now the tracks are clear, so we can deliver all the advantages of the new client to the train stations of the Classic servers, too!

We have summarised the evolution of the new client from its launch in 2016 until today in this video:

We are sure that everyone will be able to become familiar with the new interface after a short transition period of a few days.

Improved overview, convenience and consistency

It’s very important to us that we don’t just give the game a new look, but deliver an overall improved gaming experience. In terms of the overview, consistency and convenience, the new client has clear advantages. Some examples include the schedule assistant, the useful widgets and the extensive messaging system.

To round off the code consolidation process, we have integrated centred windows into the client with the last update (4.6.0). In 2018, more of the often criticised, left-aligned windows will be replaced in batches by neat, centred windows in the new client.

We know that some of you will see this change with some scepticism. A couple of things will be new and unfamiliar to you during the first few days – but change doesn’t have to be bad by any means. After the initial period of settling in, you will soon get used to the new client and all its benefits, just like thousands of Rail Nation – USA and Steam over Europe players already are.

If you have any questions about the switch, please write us a comment here.

We wish you lots of fun trying out and playing with the new Rail Nation client.

Now this is where you come in!

Dear players,

Now this is where you come in! We’d like you to tell us which game content in Rail Nation you are sorely missing or what features you have always wished  to have in the game. This won’t just be another simple survey!

We’ll evaluate the ideas proposed in all languages and then pick five suggestions that all Rail Nation players can then vote for. The most popular feature will then go into development right after the end of the poll. The necessary work involved will ultimately determine when the feature can be expected.

How can I submit my idea?

Write your post here until 22.04.2018, using the template described below and tell us what feature you’d like to see. Please also provide us with a draft ‘design’ of the feature. This doesn’t mean you need to describe the feature with detailed formulas, but please give us some details. You can take the following example as a guide:

Title: A worker offering a discount on buying waggons.

Scenario: All

– Worker providing a 25% discount when buying waggons
– Useful especially in the later eras and just before the endgame
– Name suggestion: Paul Camille von Denis (leading railway engineer in the 18th century)

Image (optional): Drafts or similar can be attached here.

Please stick to this template with 3-4 bullet points. When we evaluate all the ideas later, we will only consider those matching this template structure.


Is there anything else to bear in mind?

We encourage you to propose well thought-out ideas that really get you excited. For this reason, we will limit the survey to one idea per player.

Every suggestion will be passed on to our game designers and evaluated. We reserve the option to edit or combine ideas. So even if your idea doesn’t make it to the final poll, your work will not have been in vain.

We know some of you would prefer us to focus on fixing bugs instead. We want to assure you that while developing new features for the game, we don’t ignore existing in-game bugs. Rail Nation thrives off the continuous development of the game and we’d like to get you involved and let you have your say in the development process with this event! We’d be really happy to get in touch with the player who proposes the winning idea for a possible concept phase.

We’re looking forward to lots of creative ideas!
The Rail Nation Team

Update 4.6.0 is ready!

Dear railroaders,

Update 4.6.0 has already been installed on the first four servers. So, it’s about time we took a closer look at the content, because the package contains a lot of exciting new features!


They are willing to wait for hours for the perfect train shot. Their camera is always on hand to snap at the right moment! Right, we are talking about trainspotters. They have even made it into the game.

25 different train enthusiasts want to get your trains in front of their lenses. When collecting them, you will be rewarded with a small amount of in-game money. If you manage to complete a full album, there’s an even bigger bonus: Gold, engine vouchers or maybe even a bonus engine! If you don’t pick up the bonus engine on your first attempt, you can also try to fill more photo albums.

It’s always worth looking for trainspotters. Some of them are common, others are rare and highly coveted! In combination with this feature, we’re introducing matching medals, achievements and records to the game.

Centred window

We already announced this feature a while ago and now the time has come! Instead of the left-aligned menu, centred windows are returning to the game. Once again, we tackled one of the biggest points of criticism regarding the new client and improved it at your request!

Of course, the screens were not simply recreated or copied from the Classic client; instead, we made them tidier and easier to use! Now you have all the important information and features ready at a glance.

In Update 4.6.0, we’re introducing the first five centred windows:

  • City info with all associated windows, such as for passengers or mayors
  • Megacity info
  • Factory info
  • Warehouses and harbours
  • Landmarks

But that’s just the beginning! Additional centred windows will follow in later updates.

Dynamic mini map

Some players requested this change and we liked it so much that we gladly included it in this update: the mini map has become a dynamic widget. From now on, you can move and scale it anywhere on screen.


Update 4.6.0 also brings new workers from all societies out there. In the first and second era, these workers include Paul Camille of Denis, one of the leading railway engineers of the 18th century. If he is available for auction, it is definitely worth emptying your pockets to bag him, because with his support, you receive a discount of 25% on all wagons!

How do you like the content in Update 4.6.0? Let us know in the comments.

We wish you safe travels!
The Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation Masters – Here are the winners!

Dear players,

The endgame on Masters is over and here comes our final report. We know it has been a very bumpy ride and the server could not deliver the very special gaming experience we wanted Masters to be. There will be more information on this further below. But first, it’s time to present our winners!

Petertown was the first city to enter the endgame and they remained on top throughout. It seemed that players didn’t even get any rest at night. Particularly on day two, they continued to set an incredible pace. Rocksdale joined the endgame half an hour later and initially focused on quartz industries. At this point, Petertown had already completed the first good (coal) and was halfway done with the second one (pharmaceuticals).

Both cities were able to defend their starting position until the end. Yet, we saw a fierce head-to-head battle for third place. At times, five different cities had the same amount of completed goods. After around 24 hours, Oakhill eventually pushed ahead and defended its third place through to the end. This was really an amazing achievement for a city that only joined the endgame in ninth place.

GistWarGeneral is the winner of the single-player ranking, followed by Nidayus and rompec. All three also managed to defend their positions during the endgame. It wasn’t quite as settled further down the ranking. II Alex II, Антон Кидман, Coach CB and Dimka Diamond only just managed to reach the top 20 during the endgame, securing a prize in the process. Unfortunately, this meant that Canada 19, SwenMV, Mityxa and Sev01 were close, but didn’t make the top 20 in the end.

Unlike the single-player ranking, the top of the association ranking saw quite a few changes during the endgame. ELPIDA™ held on to first place. Пожарные Мульты moved up to second from third place and Karfagen™ also improved their rank by one place. This meant THE PLAYERS narrowly missed a spot in the top three of the association ranking.

Congratulations to all winners!

A few closing remarks…

Unfortunately, we were not able to make Rail Nation Masters the extraordinary event we had envisaged. Over the course of the round, we faced technical difficulties which, despite a range of measures and more hardware than usual with any of the other servers, we were unable to fix to the extent to which we would have liked Masters to have unfolded.

The biggest issues were caused by the high load the servers had to bear. On Rail Nation Masters, more than 17,000 players from all around the world registered and more than 10,000 of them played the game actively. While we have servers with a similar number of registrations every now and again, the activity is considerably lower in those cases. High activity is the crucial factor here.

The RTS (real-time system) calculates all actions carried out by players in real time in the background. The more actions are carried out on the server, the higher the load on the system will be. On Masters, we regularly saw between 900 and 1,100 players online at the same time. In comparison, on a very active normal server that number is close to 400.

We now have to admit that the RTS wasn’t designed for such a large number of players and the corresponding level of activity.

On the one hand, we are of course delighted that we have been able to convince so many of you to play Rail Nation Masters. But on the other hand, we are very disappointed to see that your excitement was severely impaired by the state of the server itself.

For that reason, we have decided to give out the following compensation:

  • 25 free lottery tickets for all Masters participants
  • In addition, all players will again receive 25% of all the Gold they bought during the game round on Masters

The free lottery tickets will be sent to you via email in the form of a bonus code. The codes can be redeemed once. You will soon be able to transfer the Gold to a server of your choice via the Gold transfer feature.

We will send out those emails on 26.03.2018. To receive them, it’s important that you have activated the newsletter feature in the game or career settings.

It was the first round of Rail Nation Masters for both you and us – and we can learn a lot from it. We will get together in the coming days and thoroughly analyse the last 1.5 months to make sure that next time we can provide you a much better gaming experience. We hope you still enjoyed the game and it was good to see how many players stayed until the end despite the difficulties!

We wish you safe travels,
Your Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation Masters: The final spurt is now underway!

Today, we’re wrapping up with the last interim report on Rail Nation Masters, because the server has already commenced the sixth era. So now is the time to give it our all!

Wishington dropped back to fifth place after a series of top rankings and was unable to defend first place for the third time with only level 35. First place is now occupied by Blueville – the only city with level 37 and which ranked second last era. Petertown has sought to relive old successes and has snatched second place. But they are not the only ones fighting! Holdsworth ranks fourth with the best placement of the game round. After holding eighth place in the second era, the city temporarily disappeared from the scene.

Rocksdale, Courtville, Oakhill and Sleighton defended their ranks with relative consistency. But with Bolcott, we also welcome a new arrival in the top ten of the city ranking this week. Cities are slowly taking precautions for the endgame and a promising fight between the metropolises lies ahead!

In terms of the association ranking, ELPIDA™ not only defended their first place, but also continued to expand their lead. The association is distinguished by its success in competitions! Four members are ranked among the top 20 in the competition ranking. In the case of Пожарные Мульты, on the other hand, many players gained their prestige by expanding their station early. But other players will also earn those points during the final era. Let’s see if Пожарные Мульты can defend second place.

THE PLAYERS seem to have recovered. They took third place in era six. This is probably due to their successful participation in competitions, since THE PLAYERS are represented six times in the top 20 rankings for competitions. In contrast, Sweetground achieved the lowest result of the game round with fourth place, although fourth place is still far from lacking.

Karfagen™ follows in fifth place. They appear to feel very comfortable there, since they have managed to keep their rank in every era. Finally, we welcome a new association at the end of the top-ten list. With Queen, another group from Petertown has prevailed. The city is thus represented by three associations within the top ten. Мишки на Севере, the newcomers from last week, also managed to stay in the top ten, whereas Dream Steam dropped to rank 13.

Important notice: rompec has NOT switched associations this week! After joining his fourth association last week, he seems to have settled in his place in ELPIDA™.

The single-player ranking has remained very stable among the top positions since last era. Tenth place has been snapped up by a new face: MenXX from ABC. Bill Boo from Sweetground has slipped down to rank 13. Further down in the top 20, we find more new arrivals eager to take the lead.

Sweetground holds six places in the top 20 at the start of era six, followed by Пожарные Мульты with four members. ELPIDA™ and THE PLAYERS are represented by three players each, and Karfagen™ by two. The remaining two places go to Deluxe Pickup and ABC.

We are looking forward to the endgame – it looks like it will be a promising competition! It’s time to fully commit and get ready for the final sprint!


Rail Nation Masters: Sparks are flying now!

It’s time to polish the electric locomotives, because after leaving the steam engines behind, the diesel era is now also drawing to a close! Rail Nation Masters entered the fifth era on Monday.

For the first time in this round, we see a city ranking at the end of the era, where no city has reached the maximum level. Nevertheless, Wishington was able to defend its place at the top and reached level 30 as one of two cities to do so. The other one is Blueville. Still ranked 10th last week, they pulled out all the stops and reached second place.

In third place, Rocksdale follows at level 29 – one place behind last week’s result. Oakhill, Petertown and Liberty also made it to level 29. Courtville – last week in bronze place – is only able to start the fifth era from 7th place and level 28. In 9th place, we have a newcomer in the top ten with Sleighton. They’re followed by Oxbury, a returner who also only made it into the top ten in the first era. Welcome back!

Let’s have a look at the association ranking. There has been a lot of action here! The railroaders of ELPIDA ™, a well-known team in the top ten, not only shot ahead of Sweetground, but also Пожарные Мульты. After a steep climb, they reached the top of the rankings. THE PLAYERS defended their fourth place but continue to be affected by fluctuations.

There is also a new association in the top ten this week. Мишки на Севере took 9th place. The players from New Adventure, on the other hand, were unable to keep last week’s spot. However, they didn’t slip too far at 12th place.

For the single-player ranking, there is a lot to report this time as well! We already reported twice that rompec changed his association. He has done so once again, making it a popular trend to change associations. While he was still a member of Sweetground last week, he now drives for the leading team ELPIDA ™. He ranks third in the ranking. ELPIDA ™ is thus ranked 3rd to 5th, as Hear Me Roar made a good jump from 8th to 4th place. We welcome a new face at rank 9. Ravogt from BV Express GER has kicked C P from Sweetground out of the top ten. Let’s see if he can hold this place.

We are curious to see what surprises the fifth era will bring!


A little thank-you

Dear players,

From time to time, we gather user wishes for new engines and game content. In this context, we also started a poll eight months ago, where you could choose between five potential new production series. We then asked our graphic designers to implement the three engines with the most votes.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and give away the three requested production series as a gift to all active players. Two production series from this package have already been released to you all. The first arrived on Valentine’s Day. Today, we’re completing the package with a real powerhouse!

The SŽD Series 2ТЭ10Л

The first production series we released was the SŽD Series 2ТЭ10Л. This double locomotive from Russia boasts impressive tractive force and is available in our game as a production series for the Prometheus. Fully laden, it may only reach 24 km/h, but its top speed is actually 100 km/h. It was taken out of service in Russia at the turn of the century and replaced by newer production series. However, they can still be seen in action to this day in other countries, like Moldova.

The DE-AC33C ‘Blue Tiger’

The extravagant Blue Tiger followed last week with its striking paintwork. This diesel-electric locomotive was developed by the German company Adtranz in cooperation with General Electric from the USA. It is designed for heavy goods transport. Ten models were sold to Germany, 30 to Pakistan and 20 to Malaysia. The ‘Blue Tiger’ version is the prototype of the series, which served as a demo model. In the meantime, it is operated by the East Hanover Railways, Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE). In Rail Nation, you can send it on the tracks as the Thor.

The NSWGR Class AD60

Last but not least, we have the NSWGR Class AD60 in store for you today. This Garrat-type machine is one of the heaviest steam locomotives in the southern hemisphere. It was Australia’s most powerful steam engine and was primarily used for transporting coal and ore from 1952. Since the distribution of this production series occurred during the transition to diesel locomotives, the New South Wales Government Railways reduced its original order and commissioned the delivery of five unassembled units for replacement parts. Nonetheless, the locomotives were able to hold their own until 1972. In the game, you can find it as the Boar and it makes for the perfect engine for the first era.

Have fun and keep travelling safely,
The Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation Masters: Diesel eras in full swing!

The Morpheus is just warming up on the rails and research is already underway for Hermes, Thor and the mighty Poseidon. Rail Nation Masters has started the fourth era and is slowly rolling towards electric engines.

In the city ranking, a clearer picture has emerged since the last era. Wishington, which was still in third place last time, reached the maximum level (24) before the era change with 400 active players. Followed by Rocksdale, Courtville and Oakhill – three usual suspects from the top 10 of the previous eras. They reached level 23 and all improved their rankings. This is a noteworthy achievement, since they all have fewer than 400 active players. Petertown and Sandport are ranked 5th and 6th with a city level of 22. Petertown was placed at the top of the city ranking last time, but interestingly they were not able to defend their rank, though they have more than 500 active players. Sandport also boasts as many players and enters the top 10 as a newcomer.

The association ranking has remained relatively constant again this era. Nevertheless, there are changes to report! We welcome a new association to the top 10: New Adventure from Oldtown has snatched 10th place, removing Phönix. In fact, Phönix has even fallen back to 18th place. THE PLAYERS has lost another rank compared to last week, coming in fourth after ELPIDA ™. Will this downtrend continue in the next eras? THE PLAYERS is seemingly having to deal with fluctuations in membership. The members of Sweetground, however, were able to consolidate their second place. In the last three days, the gap with Пожарные Мульты has even been reduced from over 10,000 to about 8,000 prestige. The members are still successful in transport rankings and also occupy second and third ranks in competitions. Now they are reaching for the top!

There are two new faces in the top 10 of the single-player ranking this week. Hear Me Roar from ELPIDA ™ currently holds 8th place and C P from THE PLAYERS has snatched 10th. Mc Cool and II Alex II have slipped out of the top 10, but are still among the top 20. rompec (3rd place) joined THE PLAYERS only last week, but is now supporting Sweetground in their climb to the top. Thus, Sweetground are represented in the top 20 of the single-player ranking seven times, while THE PLAYERS are only represented three times.

We are looking forward to another exciting week and will be back on 27th February with new results. Until then, safe travels!

Rail Nation Masters: Enter the diesel eras!

Steam is so yesterday! Roll your diesel locomotives out of the shed, because Rail Nation Masters has just commenced era three.

Around a third of all cities reached the highest possible level and were waiting on the starting blocks for the era to change. In the lead: Petertown, Oldtown and Wishington. In fact, only four of the ten fastest cities from era one were still in the top 10 by the end of this era. Tuffington – which was still in first place in the last era – only reached the maximum level while ranked 15th this time.

The top positions of the association ranking have remained relatively constant. Пожарные Мульты, the association from Petertown is still leading. Two of their players are also among the top 10 in the single-player ranking. The associations THE PLAYERS and Sweetground swapped second and third ranks. Sweetground from Germany saw four of its members reach the top 10 in the single-player ranking, which is the best number so far. Above all, the association has distinguished itself with transport successes, as five of its members are also among the top 10 in the transport rankings.

There was also movement among the runners-up associations. AQUILA – in 6th place – has climbed four places from the last era. With Dream Steam, there is also a new company in the top 10. In contrast, the players of Deluxe Pickup – last week’s 7th place – fell behind.

We welcome new faces in the top ranks of the single-player ranking as well. Longa (#4), Penelena (#6), Coach CB (#7) and Bill Boo (#10) enjoyed a steep climb. The players Bully Ae 8 8, Woyager, GoBlue and CЭNTΔUR, on the other hand, slipped slightly into the top 20. rompec is now rolling under the flag of THE PLAYERS and occupies third place after his teammate Nidayus. Both players are particularly successful in competitions (achieving first and fourth place in the competition ranking).

The competition is as tense as ever! We will get back to you on 20th February with the next interim report. And now, we head off at full speed into the diesel eras!


Rail Nation Masters: The first era is over!

The first era of Rail Nation Masters ended yesterday. The steam locomotives are now rolling through the second era, towards diesel eras three and four. At the start of the round on Monday, 29th January, the huge rush of players entering Rail Nation Masters brought our server to its knees for the first hour.

We are really amazed by the participation of the community in Rail Nation Masters. Over 9,000 players from 97 countries around the world are actively participating in the Rail Nation Masters event.

On the morning of the era change, it already became clear that the Rail Nation Masters server has been running at a much quicker pace than other rounds. All 50 cities, from Rocksdale to Millton, from Tuffington to New Cork, have reached the maximum city level 8. This is an outstanding achievement by all players and associations.

The Russian association Пожарные Мульты is currently in the lead of more than 1,200 associations founded. Their home town is Petertown. On their heels, the Turkish association THE PLAYERS from Fort Crown is the current runner-up. The German association Sweetground from the home town of Salt Spring currently occupies bronze place.

After the first week, GistWarGeneral is leading the single player ranking with 156,570 prestige. The experienced player was able to gain a lot of prestige by massively expanding his station area.

This tactic is yielding short-term success, but how sustainable is it? In the course of the eras, many other players will level their stations up to the max, giving them prestige as well. It really depends on how well GistWarGeneral makes his next moves. In terms of transports, he only holds 13th place and is not driving for any competitions (500th place).

In second and third place, Nidayus (first place in transports and competitions) and CЭNTΔUR (third place in investments and miscellaneous) are waiting for any chance they have.

The second era is now in full swing. The next era change takes place on Monday, 12th February.

That means six more days to build up your railway empire before the diesel trains take over the scenery.

Masters, Gold and Playtime

Dear Railroaders,

Rail Nation Masters is starting in a few days and we are really looking forward to the event. We hope you are, too!

A lot of planning and resources have gone into providing you a superlative competition. Part of that, of course, involved considering ​​which game content should be blocked to make the competition as fair as possible.

Rail Nation Masters

Some controversial discussions are currently being held in the Rail Nation forums. For instance, should the Gold Shop be available? Is the use of Gold unfair? And what about limiting the playtime?

From a technical standpoint, deactivating Gold would have been possible. However, this represents an essential part of the game and its suspension would have a significant impact on the balancing and game mechanics of Rail Nation. Just as much as restricting playtime would affect the gaming experience. Basically, we would almost create an entirely different game with changes like these.

Although the focus of Rail Nation Masters is clearly on competition, we still want to give you exactly the kind of gaming experience that you like about Rail Nation. And that’s not the same for everybody! While one railroader makes the most of their time each day, maybe even setting an alarm clock in the middle of the night, the next railway tycoon compensates for this advantage by devising the right tactics or even using Gold as part of their highly tuned strategy. In the end, the most attentive train drivers who perfected their own style of play will win the competition by rolling their locomotives at the right time and making sure that for six weeks no opportunity is lost.

We hope we have been able to clarify the way we have configured the event. Otherwise, write to us in the comments if you have any further questions!

The Rail Nation Team

Introducing: The mentoring programme

Hello railroaders,

Today, we’d like to introduce you to a new feature that will soon arrive on our servers: the mentoring programme. This feature will facilitate the social interaction between veteran players and newcomers in Rail Nation and make it easier for new players to get started in the game.

What is the mentoring programme?

As a new player, it’s not always easy to navigate a game interface you’re not familiar with. You might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of features and options contained in the game. While the tutorial can introduce a player to the different features, the real use of those features only becomes clear once a player engages with them regularly and gains experience in playing the game. To make sure players are no longer left alone in the initial phase of their game, we will provide them with a mentor in the future.

It’s important to know that this mentoring programme is voluntary for both parties involved. Experienced players are given the chance to aid new players with their experience and provide them with tips. If the new player likes those tips, the mentor will receive a little reward for their effort.

How will communication between the mentor and student work?

As soon as a student has been assigned to a mentor, they will see a small tile on their screen. Using this tile, they can access the overview of all their students and contact them directly. Until the mentor contacts the student, the latter will not find out about this connection.

Once contact has been made, the student can also use a pop-up feature if they have any questions. After the initial contact, communication can of course also be continued via the messaging system. To make sure both participants can easily recognise each other, they are marked in all lists with a special icon that only they can see.

Who can become a mentor?

We placed the threshold for ‘experienced players’ at career level 10. Suitable players will see an intro screen upon their first login. There, they can also decide if they wish to take part in the programme. This setting can be changed later via the options menu. Everyone who has reached at least career level 10 and who hasn’t left or been kicked from the mentoring programme can take part. By default, every player meeting these criteria is unlocked as a potential mentor.

Who can be a student?

As soon as a new player (career level 1) has upgraded their engine house to level 4, they will automatically take part in the programme and appear in the list of potential students. As soon as they’ve completed all of the tutorial tasks or reached career level 2, they will leave the programme.

Is there something I need to know about participating in the programme?

One mentor can have a maximum of 3 students at the same time and no more than 10 per game round. Additionally, mentors need to log in at least every 3 days, so as not to be removed from the programme (sitter logins don’t count here). If too many students are unhappy with their mentor’s help or the mentor is too inactive, they will be removed from the mentoring programme.

You’ll be able to see the mentoring programme in action on your server soon! We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!

The Rail Nation Team

Claim your ticket for the new round now!

Dear players,

In Update 4.4.0, we focus on the support of a core element of Rail Nation. We want to strengthen the community spirit and cohesion of associations – including beyond the current game round.

Until now, associations would fall apart at the end of a game round and would have to be regrouped after the server restarts. This required extensive communication and a couple of days would easily pass before the seasoned group came together again. With the new pre-registration feature, we want to make organising associations easier!

How does pre-registration work?

Pre-registration is unlocked during the endgame. From that moment, you and your association can sign up for the next round of the server. So, you see who’ll be onboard straight away.

Pre-registration not only reserves you a spot in your association, it also allows you to already select a home city. You don’t need to start in the same city as the other association members. But doing so makes sense, as this would save you from having to coordinate ‘wings’ (temporary associations) in the new round. You also avoid the overcrowding of cities and no longer have to wait until late arrivals have built their tracks to reach you.

What’s the maximum size a pre-registered association can have?

The size of the association depends on the number of players who have pre-registered. For example, if 15 players pre-register, you save part of the headquarters upgrades and begin the game with 15 members.

How long is my spot in the association reserved for?

You’ll have to log into the new game world within the first three days to automatically join the association. After that time, the slots will be released again.

So, make sure to advertise your association and start looking for new players for the next round!

Full steam ahead!