Thursday January 3rd, 2019

Rail Nation Birthday Festival

Dear players,

Another year has come to an end and Rail Nation will soon be celebrating its sixth birthday. We have spent a while thinking about how we should celebrate. Balloons? A cake? Maybe paper streamers?

We ultimately decided to organise something for you all instead: the Rail Nation Birthday Festival!

To celebrate our birthday, we will provide you with an extraordinary game experience by opening special festival servers (Classic Express) that will work a little differently to what you’re used to:

It will not be possible to buy Gold on these servers!

Increase your Gold ten-fold!

Each participant of the Birthday Festival will receive 20,000 Gold on the server. To take part, you need to sign up beforehand for 2,000 Gold. When the server starts, each player will then be credited with 10,000 Gold and a further 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era. So in effect, the Gold you spend on registering will increase ten-fold!

No one will be able to create an extra advantage for themselves. Everyone will play according to the same conditions!

We are excited to see who can spend this Gold in the most effective, creative or successful way. Who will find the best way to victory with this limited Gold and what will those of you who have other goals do?

Here in the forum, you can tell us what your strategy will be.

How will it all work?


To take part in the Birthday Festival, you will need to register for an entry fee of 2,000 Gold. You can either pay the entry fee directly with any Gold you already have or you can buy the 2,000 Gold from the shop. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to enter, a dedicated Gold package will be available during the admission phase which will contain precisely the 2,000 Gold you need. This package will become available from 8 January (during the day).


If you sign up with your friends, we obviously don’t want you to accidentally land on different servers – in case several festival servers are launched. That’s why you can choose a certain group when you sign up. It doesn’t matter which group you choose, as long as you are all in the same group as your friends. If you still register for the wrong group by mistake, no worries: that can be changed, provided that the chosen group is not already full.
We will then distribute the groups across the different servers required, depending on the number of participants.


You can register between 8 January 2019, 2 pm (CET), and 22 January 2019, 11.59 pm (CET), for the Rail Nation Birthday Festival. And a week later, it kicks off for everyone on 29 January 2019. This week-long gap gives us the chance to set up the necessary servers.

To prevent any problems with overburdened servers at the start of the festival, not all players will start the game at the same time. The login times will be staggered in 15-minute intervals, each with 250 players, and those of you who sign up for the Birthday Festival the earliest will also be able to start the earliest. So, if you’d like a few minutes’ head start, register as soon as possible!

Please note that the group you choose is NOT relevant, but only your own registration time.

Modified features

Festival servers have a few special features that set them apart from normal servers. Besides purchasing Gold, Gold transfers (in both directions), normal pre-registration, Gold rush, the super starter package, inviting friends, the tutorial and redeeming bonus codes are all deactivated on the festival servers.


Let’s summarise everything:

  • Increase your Gold ten-fold from 2,000 to 20,000
  • Receive 10,000 Gold when you start and 2,000 Gold for each subsequent era
  • Play with friends by signing up together in the same group
  • Pre-registration from 8 to 22 January
  • The festival starts on 29 January
  • Classic Express scenario
  • Various features are deactivated
  • International servers with players from around the world
  • Early registration means an early start
  • Have fun!



How many servers will there be?

This depends on the total number of participants – we’ll announce this at the end of the pre-registration phase.

What are the groups for exactly?

The groups allow you to play together with your friends even if multiple servers are launched. If you’re in the same group, you’ll definitely start on the same festival server.

How many players will fit in each group?

150 players can sign up for each group, which means that even really large groups of friends can fit in a group and that groups can be easily assigned to the servers.

How many players will play on a festival server?

In case of multiple servers, the maximum number of players will be 2,000 to 2,500 players per server. Lower numbers are also possible, however, in order to ensure an even distribution of players over the necessary servers.

Can I transfer the Gold and other content (Plus Account) I receive on the festival server to other servers?

No, that’s not possible. The Gold is only intended for this server and Plus Account days cannot be transferred.

Are the festival servers divided according to language?

No, the festival servers will generally be accessible internationally.



  • George says:

    I registered and bought 2000 gold which was put onto my already 1500 gold in the Game Play.
    When i asked support several times to when i will be able to play, they reply with ” you will know when you Login.:
    Where do i find it and how long is this going to take before i can play?
    There is a possibility that i am overlooking something?!

    • Samisu says:

      Hello George,

      the Birthday Festival server is found from the lobby and is called M10 Birthday Festival. If you pre-registered there with your 2,000 Gold, the server appears on your Game worlds list.

      You pick and start the server just like any other, and the game is already in progress.

      But, if you still have that 2k Gold, then something went wrong with the pre-registration. Please contact support with any questions you might have about your account or purchases.


  • Viggo Møller says:

    Think it’s sad to see Rail Nation Birthday is celebrated by a Festival for only pay to participate players, we are a lot of dedicated players thet would have liked to celebrate this birtday too….

  • Zodeseeker says:

    why can’t I get in?

  • Triarius says:

    Thanks! Are we starting with $200,000 in $ and no tutorial (in addition to the 10000 gold)?

  • Triarius says:

    Will players in the same group from the same server start together in the same city on the same server? Although this isn’t cheap, I’m excited to have a game where pay to win is taken off the table. Thanks for listening.

    • Samisu says:

      Hello Triarius and happy Monday!

      Players in the same group will start on the same server. This has no effect on the starting city, and if you have friends joining the same group, you can discuss your chosen starting point together before the round starts.

      I’m so happy to hear you like the idea of Festival server!


  • Jix says:

    Well… one will bring 2K gold IN and what one can carry OUT outside the server when game finshes except good game and maybe a little bit of fun ?

    happy Birthday…

  • JosephB says:

    how long will these festival servers last? if the gold only stays in the server, it must continue indefinitely (or as long as interest holds out).

    • Samisu says:

      Hey JosephB,

      This is a one-time special server going through the 6 eras plus endgame. The 20,000 Gold you get is only intended for this server and can’t be transferred once the round is over.


  • norbert gelhot says:

    2000 Gold to participate,
    then you cant transfer the unused gold after the game,
    not me,looks like a joke to me.
    happy birthday

  • Victor Smeal says:

    shall i persue a legal suit against you for discrimination? after all your blog here leaves you open to it. and i’m just the right angry foreigner to take a shot at it.
    happy birthday,

    • Samisu says:

      Hi there Victor,
      Thank you so much for liking the game and for the birthday wishes in your earlier comments!

      This birthday server is open for everyone. Where did you get the idea that players from USA would not be able to participate? Players from USA just like from any other country are very much welcome to join the round!

      Are you thinking of joining the round? I hope to see you there!


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