Results of the snowball fight:

Dear friends equipped with snow chains,

You’ve now been throwing around snowballs for three weeks and unlocked a number of rewards in the process. Every player can collect the full package. If you haven’t redeemed the code yet, you can still do so until 27th February. Just enter RNSNOWMAN under ‘Redeem bonus code’ in the game options.

Once again, here’s an overview of all the prizes:

  • 1x instant upgrade voucher
  • 1x engine voucher
  • 5x boost vouchers
  • 3 days Plus Account
  • 5x mechanics
  • 3x free lottery tickets
  • 10x instant dispatch vouchers
  • 3x track vouchers
  • 1x bonus engine upgrade voucher
  • 1x production series voucher

Thanks to your outstanding performance you have also unlocked this exclusive production series for the Unicorn:

Rail Nation Einhorn

Now it’s time to round off with some facts

  • By the end of the event, the community scored 2,154,879 points and reached the 11th stop.
  • A total of 21,356 players took part.
  • On average, each player completed 6 rounds, with the average score being 101.0 per round.
  • To match the playing time of all players combined, you would need to throw snowballs for 246 consecutive days.
  • In total, you hit 2,062,937 snowmen, among them 64,734 with a silver and 15,104 with a golden helmet.

Finally, here are the top 10 results

The list is a bit longer since it includes a few employees of Travian Games and Bright Future who were allowed to take part, but are excluded from the prize draw. First place is rewarded with 3,000 Gold, second place with 2,000 Gold and third place with 1,000 Gold, while all other places receive 500 Gold.

1st place: BerА with 166 points.
no placement: RN Tomson with 163 points.
no placement: Xol with 162 points.
2nd place: GoIIIaH with 157 points.
3rd place: Feldi with 155 points.
no placement: Yaenara with 153 points.
4th place: Kavaa with 153 points.
5th place: Mr Moun with 152 points.
5th place: XENON_GTR34 with 152 points.
5th place: HansAdler with 152 points.
5th place: Klausi228 with 152 points.
9th place: ABIG0R with 151 points.
9th place: Andrea Doria with 151 points.
9th place: Dragontale with 151 points.
9th place: Slavik22 with 151 points.
9th place: Waldorf Jörg with 151 points.

The snowball fight is thus officially over. How did you like it? Do you have any suggestions or wishes for similar events? Please leave us a comment!

Safe journeys
The Rail Nation Team