Let the great journey begin

Dear railway fans,

Today we present you the career engine in all its glory, because you can now put it on the tracks yourself. This engine will from now on be your loyal companion. Once unlocked, it will be available on all compatible servers and for all rounds.

We want to celebrate the start of this great journey with you all! Fire up the boiler and take your career engine to all corners of the maps of our scenarios.

Here you can find all information at a glance:

What is the career engine?

The career engine is your personal engine that is always available to you. It can be used simultaneously on all servers you play on and will be available forever from now on. You can improve the engine in your career section. These upgrades are also permanent.

How do you get the career engine?

The engine is automatically unlocked for you at career level 2. You’ll find a special sub-page for it in the career.

How can you improve the engine?

Your career points are exchanged in technology points of the same value, which you can then invest in your career engine. Upgrades are available for speed, acceleration, tractive force and reliability. You can also unlock the ability to transport goods of later eras.

Can the career engine be used everywhere?

With its release, the career engine can be used in both the Europe and Classic scenario right away. As the USA scenario isn’t currently compatible with this change, we will continue to work on the development and introduce the career engine there later. DE-101 Golden Gate and US-102 Grand Central are the exception here, since they have adopted the technology of the Europe servers. The career engine will already be available upon its release on these servers.

We wish you lots of fun with your new achievement!
The Rail Nation Team