Rail Nation: Clash!

Get ready for thrills, 3-player free-for-all battles … and explosions!

Have you always wanted to show your rivals just who’s the best conductor around? Then we have something for you! Allow us to introduce: Rail Nation: Clash! – Rail Nation like you’ve never experienced it before. Our new mini game lets you go head to head with players from all around the world and gives you the chance to win amazing prizes! A game round lasts just a couple of minutes – perfect for when you have some time to kill before your next engine house upgrade.

Challenge two opponents on a triangular map. Every man for himself. Each player’s city is the starting point for their engine. Send it from industry to industry and collect goods as soon as they appear. But beware: you have to be quick! Your opponents want the same goods as you, so shovel coal in the boiler and show no mercy! Whoever is the first to collect 10 goods wins the round.

But that’s not all! We said there’d be thrills… Every train leaves a glowing path in its wake. If you drive over your opponent’s path, their train will break down into a heap of rusty bolts and rivets. After a moment, they can then dispatch a new engine from their city. The same fate awaits you if you drive over your own path. And before you ask: yes, trains can collide head-on. What a treat!

And you can reap more than just bragging rights. Rail Nation: Clash! It will run for a month from June 19 to July 19 2017. During this time, you can take part with just one account and, depending on your ranking, you’ll be rewarded with an achievement in your career. You can play five rounds per day that contribute to your ranking. But you can play as many times as you want in training mode. At the end of the overall game time, the best players around the world will receive career points that they can use to improve their career engine. What’s more, Gold and a brand-new Dell laptop will be awarded to the lucky winners!

We hope you are just as excited as we are for the Rail Nation event of the summer!