To Europe!

Experience a new Rail Nation with ‘Steam over Europe‘ now!

For the first time ever, Rail Nation – Steam over Europe brings you the fascination of railways on an authentic European map. Strategy-loving players from all around the world can go full steam ahead in 50 real cities and enter the thrilling regional competition.

As always in Rail Nation, you can look forward to realistic and detailed steam, diesel and electric-era trains and engines that transport 48 different goods and passengers as well. All features from the previous scenarios (classic and USA) have been adopted and supplemented by brand-new features.

More than ever before, Rail Nation – Steam over Europe focuses on the interaction of the player community. In order to let cities grow, famous landmarks have to be upgraded in concert. Lucrative special routes can only be used once many players have invested a certain amount to upgrade them.
Players can be elected as mayors and presidents in order to coordinate and optimise individual efforts.
Another novelty: ships transport goods to all of the ten regions in Europe and allow for rare goods to be delivered to harbours and for trans-regional player interaction.

The new user interface (known from the mobile version) will be used in the browser version for the first time as well.


  • Marshal Lindy says:

    When will Crankshaft 7 restart?

  • samanta_pop says:

    hello good day on I login server that ended Saturday to see the day coming round starts again!

    • MrsGore says:

      Hello samanta_pop. You will need to wait for the server to restart so that you can make a new avatar and start playing again. All servers restarts are announced at our website and forum as per usual.

  • Vicky Mandell says:

    I have started playing in Instanbul and I have chosen English, but all city forums and association chats are in German or something. I cannot understand what they are saying to me. The fonts and icons are extremely small and difficult to see. I am use to the fonts and icons in the classic version. It has a lot of features that simplify playing, but the language barrier and small fonts are crippling my game. Please help.

    • MrsGore says:

      Hello Vicky Mandell, our technical department is requesting that you send a ticket directly from the server to Support and to also provide us the server name and domain.

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