Current snowball fight ranking:

Dear railway fans,

The Rail Nation snowball fight has been running for two weeks now, and you have hit lots and lots of snowmen as well as collected community points at the same time. It’s time for some statistics and facts:

  • The community has reached over 1.5 million points so far and unlocked the 10th stop.
  • The rewards unlocked so far include free lottery tickets, Plus Accounts, mechanics, various vouchers and an exclusive production series. You’ve won yourself quite a nice bonus package there.
  • A total of 15,523 players took part in achieving this amazing result.
  • On average each player completed 5 rounds, with the average score being 9 per round.
  • To match the playing time of all players, you would need to throw snowballs for 144 consecutive days.
  • In total you hit 1,487,053 snowmen, among them 46,663 with a silver and 10,888 with a golden helmet.

Finally, here are the top 10 snowball fighters:

1st place: BerА with 166 points

2nd place: RN Tomson with 153 points

3rd place: Yaenara and Mr Moun with 152 points

5th place: momo_RK with 149 points

6th place: propagandatony and born2nuke with 147 points

8th place: iviček, Zottey, tygrys expro and Parovozzz33rus with 145 points

What do you think about the snowball fight? Tell us in the comment section. The mini game will be available for a few more days. So you can still try to improve the average score or beat the players at the top, while unlocking even more bonuses.

Have fun
Your Rail Nation Team