The USA scenario evolves

Dear railway fans,

For our USA scenario there are major changes lying ahead of us since we are packing a broad update containing several technical improvements.

The most obvious change will be of a visual nature, since you will also now find the user interface of Steam over Europe on the USA servers.

Introducing the new client involves much more than just changing the visuals of course. The servers, RTS, chat server and schedule system of the USA scenario have meanwhile become technically outdated, which is why many of today’s updates are incompatible with that version.  This means that right now, if we encounter an error on both Europe and USA servers, two completely different updates need to be developed. The new client will make supporting and maintaining our scenarios much easier.

Our game’s system has been overhauled a number of times already and we now want to put the scenarios on equal footing. Here we also lay the foundation for including the USA map in the new Rail Nation app, allowing players to play all three scenarios on the go.

What does this mean for the USA servers?

While the update includes content from other scenarios, the features you love about the USA scenario will stay that way. You can find out more in the following list:

These points are subject to changes:

  • User interface
  • Messaging system
  • Chat server
  • RTS
  • Option for integration into the new app (access will follow later)

These features will remain as they currently are in the USA scenario:

  • No passenger transports
  • No harbours
  • Two regions only (East vs West battle)
  • No mayors or presidents

When the update is ready, changes will be activated only when the server starts into a new round.

We wish you lots of fun,
The Rail Nation Team