Friday January 26th, 2018

Masters, Gold and Playtime

Dear Railroaders,

Rail Nation Masters is starting in a few days and we are really looking forward to the event. We hope you are, too!

A lot of planning and resources have gone into providing you a superlative competition. Part of that, of course, involved considering ​​which game content should be blocked to make the competition as fair as possible.

Rail Nation Masters

Some controversial discussions are currently being held in the Rail Nation forums. For instance, should the Gold Shop be available? Is the use of Gold unfair? And what about limiting the playtime?

From a technical standpoint, deactivating Gold would have been possible. However, this represents an essential part of the game and its suspension would have a significant impact on the balancing and game mechanics of Rail Nation. Just as much as restricting playtime would affect the gaming experience. Basically, we would almost create an entirely different game with changes like these.

Although the focus of Rail Nation Masters is clearly on competition, we still want to give you exactly the kind of gaming experience that you like about Rail Nation. And that’s not the same for everybody! While one railroader makes the most of their time each day, maybe even setting an alarm clock in the middle of the night, the next railway tycoon compensates for this advantage by devising the right tactics or even using Gold as part of their highly tuned strategy. In the end, the most attentive train drivers who perfected their own style of play will win the competition by rolling their locomotives at the right time and making sure that for six weeks no opportunity is lost.

We hope we have been able to clarify the way we have configured the event. Otherwise, write to us in the comments if you have any further questions!

The Rail Nation Team


  • Buffalo Joe (I am not the businesses owner!) says:

    This is more a problem with the classification of the trains than a thing on masters.


  • Thomas Dieter says:

    I’ve seen many of the comments and concerns about using Gold. My concern about the gold is the ability of purchasing gold with money real life money.

    I am personally fine with using gold to purchase in game bonuses. You win Gold, you use the gold to buy your bonus. Purchasing gold to use in a game is a crutch. You’re ability to play the game well is only as good as your Purse/Wallet is. Now I feel that the masters game should be about showing how well you can play the game WITHOUT using real life money to purchase in game bonuses. That should be the challenge.

  • Steamer Alf says:

    is this for advanced players only or can a beginner also play

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