Welcome to Platform X: Titans of Economy!

Platform X, a place where you could be sure of a fresh, invigorating journey every time you visited the vibrant station and travelled beyond the portal. You noticed eager train enthusiasts boarding the carriages, looking forward to new experiences, new challenges, and creating many unforgettable memories. All were excited to learn what their new environment entailed and what possibilities would await them this time. The anticipation of the unknown always caused a stir of activity which you could feel throughout the platform.


“We’ve made it with plenty of time to spare,” said Sophie, looking back at James, gesturing towards the train waiting for departure.

“Looks like our strategic travel planning paid off,” James said excitedly, stroking his beard as he continued. “I’m thrilled to find out what’s beyond the platform this time.”

Sophie smiled at James and replied: “I hear it’s a unique place, full of economic opportunities. It does say Titans of Economy on our ticket, so we must be in for a treat.”

Both found their seats with relative ease, eagerly awaiting the train to roll away from the platform and into the portal. “Looks like we’re finally ready to depart!” James said, looking out of the carriage window. Muffled calls from the dispatcher confirmed that the driver had the track, all passenger doors were closed, and the train was ready to leave through the portal.

There was a serene stillness in the carriage – all were waiting in anticipation until the roaring engine could be heard and, at that point, excited conversations filled the air. As the train entered the portal, Sophie and James felt exhilarated, bursting with curiosity to know what lies beyond Platform X. One flash of light later and they had arrived at their new destination.


A new challenge had begun. 


“Welcome to Platform X: Titans of Economy,” the train driver announced in a pleasant voice over the intercom. “Things are quite different around here. Building expansions now cost Gold, trains will run faster, and you’ll be able to cooperate in your associations right away as they start with 25 member slots.”

Sophie and James grinned at each other, taking in the breathtaking sights as the train driver continued. “You all have the opportunity to step up to the challenge and become the next Adam Smith or Cornelius Vanderbilt. With that said, please ensure you have all of your belongings before leaving the train. We wish you a pleasant onward journey and the best of luck with your new challenge.”


Welcome to Platform X: Titans of Economy.


Incredible, yet challenging new features!

Take a look at what features are available in the next Platform X: Titans of Economy:


  1. Players can now collaborate right from the beginning of a game world, as associations now start with 25 member slots. There is now a new 4th worker slot (for which you need headquarters at level 4) and, only 4 levels of the headquarters are necessary to unlock workers. Plus, the prestige and investment levels have been adjusted to support levelling up.
  2. Trains are now faster as the tile length has been reduced. This means that travelling greater distances to avoid high waiting times closer to home might be worthwhile now. Tractive force has been reduced for all trains, excluding the Pollux and the career engine, to counter the higher speed, meaning both engines are even more useful.
  3. The station shopping mall now costs Gold to upgrade, but you now earn Gold from it.
  4. The bonus for some workers has been increased; you can find the complete list of workers here.
  5. The auction for workers will be held more frequently, every 60 minutes instead of 120 minutes.
  6. Home cities now award you 50,000 prestige for winning the end game (this was previously 10,000). This includes 45,000 prestige for the win and 5,000 prestige for the city connection.
  7. We have increased the licence bonus (10% to 20%) and the maximum workload for industries (300% to 500%). This makes licences more useful, increases waiting times in extreme situations like the endgame, and gives the industries an opportunity to grow a lot faster.
  8. The number of licences available in the auction at the same time has been doubled so that more players can have licences and experience the improved bonuses.
  9. The bank limit has been increased for the low levels, making it easier for new players to do things.
  10. We’ve reduced the stock limits after a city levels up, from 33% to 0%. This is so players earn more money after levelling up, and it provides more of a challenge to level a city.
  11. The prestige received for participating in competitions has been increased by 50%, making competitions significantly more important for your overall ranking.


We can’t wait to invite you through the portal and into a world of new and exciting challenges waiting to be explored!

You can access the latest features in Platform X game worlds from 16th June 2021 at 14:00 CEST. See below for details on when your regional game worlds will start:



Titans of Economy: Community Crossword

As part of the Platform X: Titans of Economy event, we’ll also be hosting a community competition.
Complete the crossword provided and test your knowledge of all the upcoming features from Platform X: Titans of Economy.


Start: 17th June 2021 14:00 CEST
End: 17th July 2021 14:00 CEST


1st – 250 Gold + 15 lottery tickets – First to correctly submit the completed crossword

2nd – 150 Gold + 10 lottery tickets – Selected at random

3rd – 50 Gold + 5 lottery tickets – Selected at random

Submit your completed crosswords via the forum or Discord before the closing date.


We hope you’re just as excited as we are about Platform X: Titans of Economy, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on the new features.

Will you take the trip to the other side of the portal and be the next Titan of Economy?

See you there!