Update on Classic servers with downtime on June 22nd

Hello everyone,

Another bugfixing update is schedule for the classic scenario. Downtime will be 1 hour approximately. Do understand that due to unexpected events a delay or postponing of the downtime is possible. Remember to clear your cache after the update to avoid any problems with cached history in your browser.

The schedule planned is the following:

Wednesday June 22nd – 4:15 AM EDT – 5:15 AM EDT
COM2 – Firebox
COM3 – Smoke Chamber
US1 – Crankshaft

Note: We often see questions coming in after an update. During an update the RTS is not working, all your engines will not move. There is no profit during this time, it also means that competitions you signed up for won’t be finished. Lastly, the waittime at industries will drop down to 0 as they are not used during the downtime. One new recalculation and they adjust again accordingly.